Shout-out: Students speak on Eau Claire eliminating minor requirement

Story by The Spectator staff

With the tentative plan to eliminate the minor requirement, the path to graduation will change for many UW-Eau Claire student. Here’s what some of them have to say about the big change to Eau Claire’s curriculum.


“I don’t think it’s good. If you have two interests you should be able to do both. My minor gives me a lot of flexibility for when I’m looking for a job.” – Alissa Anker, freshman

“You can focus more on one area and do better on your major. That means you get out faster. It’s a good thing.”- Elizabeth Brandes, freshman

“It will help you graduate in four, but it might make it harder to get a job after graduation. The good thing is people will still be able to have a minor if they want.” – Joey Buchicchio

“I think the whole idea of a liberal arts education is to learn as much as you can and have as wide of a variety of education as possible and I think the minor makes that possible.” – Adam Montee, senior

“I’m a grad student and I did my undergrad at Parkside. There was no minor requirement there and I thought it was fine. It definitely makes it easier to focus on your major.” – Jeremiah Riedler, graduate student

“I think having a minor is a good thing because it gives you more options so you aren’t so specific in a major and it makes you more marketable.” – Leah Ripp, freshman

“(A minor) ensures that people learn more than what they just set out to learn. It allows people to broaden their horizons and get a more richer experience than what they normally would do.” – Kurt Zoch, junior