iPads available for checkout at McIntyre Library

Story by Emily Albrent

It is no secret that Apple products such as Mac computers, iPads, iPhones, and iPods are a popular commodity among the younger generation. And, now students at UW-Eau Claire can try out some of the latest technology.

The McIntyre Library  has made  10 iPads available for students to checkout. Kong Yang, the circulation supervisor at McIntyre Library, explained that each checkout period can last up to a week, but it may be shorter if the desire for the iPads becomes greater.

The iPads have only been in circulation since Jan. 10, and McIntyre is anticipating an increase in demand during the spring semester.

“It’s awesome, no one really has them,” said Alethia Moua, a senior who works at the library.

A student can check these out at anytime, but some students are concerned about how fragile and expensive these devices are. Some, like freshman Sierra Hoover, are a little apprehensive about storing them in their backpacks.

“It would be too much of a responsibility,” Hoover said.

In addition, McIntyre’s website states that you are able to download any app you choose as long as you have your own Apple ID. However, once the iPad is returned, the library staff will completely clean out any added material that may have been placed on it during the checkout period.

With this new addition comes excitement for some students who work at the library.

“It’s really cool that we have them, but they will probably be used more for fun than for school purposes” said Ashly Curtis, a junior who works at the library circulation desk.

However, not everyone is excited about the opportunity to checkout iPads.

“I probably won’t check one out,” Hoover said. “I already have a laptop and an iPod.”

Freshman Brittany Zey commented that it was a cool idea, but that she could not see herself checking out an iPad in the future.

“It might work for some people if they don’t have a laptop,” Zey said.

So whether students want to pick one up for a quick game of Angry Birds, or to finish some last minute school work, the iPads are now here for them to decide.