Senate accepting Student Court applications

Story by Thom Fountain

Student Senate is now accepting applications for the newly formed Student Court. The Student Court, which was created through a resolution in senate’s spring session, will oversee a variety of Student Senate’s functions – notably senate elections, organization funding appeals and disputes between student organizations.

“We figured we should have a more formal way of dealing with (these issues), which is what a lot of universities already do,” said Student Body Vice President Phil Rynish.

The court will also conduct a yearly review of Student Senate, according to the Student Court bylaws.

The court will be made up of five justices with one serving as chief justice, according to the bylaws. The chief justice will be the only member to receive financial compensation, receiving $1,250 per semester. Rynish said this payment will come from the Student Senate’s budget.

Rynish said current applicants will be reviewed by a committee which includes himself, other student senators, students-at-large and a representative from Housing and Residence Life. The committee will initially choose the five justices, and then choose a chief justice from among those five through a round of secondary interviews.

The committee is looking for students who understand how the university works and will be able to pass fair, unbiased decisions, Rynish said.

According to the court bylaws, justices are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in at least six credits.

Rynish said they hope to have the justices established by the end of this semester. Former Student Senate Body Chief of Staff Adam Sorelle began the process of enacting a student court in 2009, partly spurred by disputes revolving around funding for the Flip Side.

Applications are available online at or in the Student Senate offices in the Davies Center.