Will yell, dance for votes

Janie Boschma

It’s finally the week many students have been waiting for: homecoming. Blugolds will be in on events, games, football, the big parade and festivities from street to street. Events started Oct. 5, with the kickoff of the Medallion Hunt, and will continue through Sunday.
The UW-Eau Claire football team will take on the UW-Platteville Pioneers at 1 p.m. Saturday at Carson Park.
“I hope everyone comes and cheers on the Blugolds,” said Jim Brockpahler, Student Activities Coordinator.
Junior Michael Siakpere, president of DECA, has attended the Homecoming football game the last three years.
“I’m definitely going to the football game on Saturday,” he said.
Homecoming buttons are being sold for $1 for discounts and free admissions on various homecoming events for the rest of the week.
The buttons will be sold until 3 p.m. Friday in the east lobby of Davies Center.
Today, there will be many games going on around the Campus Mall, such as the human knot and human pyramid.
Later, there will be an obstacle relay, a tricycle race for those who want to be brought back to their preschool days and Frisbee golf.
Junior Melissa Opitz, general chair for Homecoming committee, said that there is usually a good turnout for Homecoming events.
“We’re really trying to get the word out there,” she said.
Siakpere said Homecoming is about “symbolizing what Blugolds stand for.”
The Homecoming Parade seems to be a popular event for many students. Siakpere said he is looking forward to the parade this year, along with the rest of the members of DECA.
The traditional Varsity Night Live event will be Friday night, with student groups performing, along with comedian Adam Ace in Zorn Arena.
The Homecoming Coronation will take place afterwards. Voting for Homecoming King and Queen will end Friday at 3 p.m.
Brockpahler said that the online royalty voting is new this year.
“The survey had been out for four hours,” Opitz said, “and about 1,100 students had voted already.”
Participating in Homecoming offers an opportunity to learn, as well.
Josh Hepp, who is representing the student organization BUS as he runs for homecoming royalty, said the process has taught him a lot about the UW-Eau Claire campus.
The Homecoming events will conclude with the Adopt-A-Block Competition.
“It’s a rowdy weekend to some extent,” said Brockpahler.
With the Adopt-A-Block Competition, they go out and clean up the community after the Homecoming events that partook over the weekend. They “make a competition out of it to make it fun.”