Graduate SMARTT

Searching for a job after graduation has now been made a little easier. The Economic Development Corporation of Eau Claire is creating an online database called the SMARTT Network (Strategy for Marketing and Recruiting Top Talent). Students and alumni can post their information online and employers can hire them based on their online profiles.

Senior Nicole Anthony definitely wants to take advantage of some of those benefits.

“I will absolutely use it. I’m a little nervous trying to go about finding a job, so this will make the process a lot easier,” Anthony said. “During the school year, we are so busy, so creating a profile and having an employer contact us is really a great thing.”

The profile is based on skills and is completely confidential. This way there is no discrimination at all; employers hire based only on the applicant’s skills and achievements.

“This is a great and easy way for anyone to find a job,” EDC Director Brian Doudna said. “Students and alumni can advance their career just by going online and creating a profile.”

The “talent profile” has the individual market themselves on how much experience they have in a certain field, their leadership qualities and professional accomplishments.

“It’s appealing to talent because they can just enter their information into the database and be done if they want,” said senior Kalyn Hanrath, a marketing intern for the EDC.

Students also have the prospect to be hired on a project-based contract. This means a company can hire applicants for such projects as developing a Web site or to be the project manager of a special event.

“The SMARTT Network will give Eau Claire students more accessible opportunities to stay connected to Eau Claire after they graduate whether it be a full time job, networking, an innovation outlet, or just to be notified of what’s going on in the area,” Hanrath said.

Doudna said the SMARTT Network is the first of its kind to be launched in western Wisconsin and stretches from Black River Falls to Hudson to Rice Lake.

Though the Web site will not be launched until mid-November, many employers around the area have already signed up to be a part of the SMARTT network. Xcel Energy, Luther Midelfort and Phillips Plastics are just a few of the companies already involved.

On Saturday, Oct. 4, the SMARTT Network will be hosting an event at Roy’s Barber Shop, 440 Water St., for those interested in the network.

“Anyone can come and ask questions and meet people,” Doudna said.

Prizes will be given at the event to those who pre-register on They include a $250 gift certificate to Best Buy and a $100 gift certificate to Target.

Students who register also receive the benefits of being a SMARTT Network “talent.” “The Web site allows talent to diversify and expand their referral network, they get customized reports for career searches and access to many different company’s descriptions,” Doudna said.