April elections see two referendums

Sophomore Heidi Potratz said she tries to vote in every election.

“It’s a right that we have, because that’s what was given to us in creating this country,” she said. “I just want to exercise that right.”

Tuesday’s spring election will be no exception for her.

From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., she and other voters will cast their ballots to elect the City Council, School Board, County Board, Circuit Court and State Supreme Court.

In addition, two referendums will also be on the ballot pertaining to the Frankenstein Veto and changing terms of office.

Currently, Gov. Jim Doyle has the authority to re-write any part of a bill passed by the Legislature that contains an appropriation of money, including, but not limited to, the state budget bill.

This partial veto power allows the governor to take parts of sentences in a bill passed by the Legislature and combine them to form new sentences not found in the original bill.

Tuesday’s referendum asks voters whether the constitution should be amended to prohibit this power.

Voting “yes” would place an additional limit on the Governor’s power to veto parts of a bill by prohibiting the Governor from creating new sentences.

Voting “no” would leave the partial veto power as it is.

“The Wisconsin Governor’s partial veto power has been an important check on a Legislature that has gone to the extreme, either in excessive spending or harming education,” said Doyle’s press secretary Jessica Erickson, reading a statement from the Governor’s office. “We know voters will very carefully decide whether to change the constitution to eliminate an important check on Legislative excess.”

The second referendum asks voters whether the term of office of the City Council President and City Council members be increased from two to three years.

Students living on campus will vote in Davies Center. For those students living off-campus, follow this link which will show the locations of polling places for off-campus districts.