She-Nannigans owner no longer selling tavern

She-Nannigans owner Dominique Navarro paid $2,500 to back out of the sale of his bar to a Wausau man, said Navarro’s brother and owner of Houligan’s Rob Navarro.

“If he sells it looks like he is guilty,” Rob Navarro said.

Rob Navarro feels that the “real victim” is his brother, who was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old girl in She-Nannigans on Sept. 29.

Business at the bar has cut in half since the false accusations were made, Rob Navarro said, but he feels that his brother is 100 percent innocent.

Rob Navarro said the girl is changing her story and that he was arrested first because “the girl was throwing around names.”

A contract for the purchase of She-Nannigans was formed with Clint Wanta about three weeks before accusations came against Dominique Navarro, Rob Navarro said.

“The selling was for strictly business reasons,” said Rob Navarro, who originally owned shares to the bar.

Rob Navarro said that a lot of money was usually made at She-Nannigans. He sold his shares however, to get out of that type of night life and thinks that was his brother’s plan as well.

“It wears on you being at the bar about every night and people buying you drinks all the time,” Rob Navarro said.

Dominique Navarro has since purchased a restaurant in Lake City and was unavailable for comment because the restaurant just burned down, Rob Navarro said.

City Council President Howard White said the council will continue waiting to see if anything develops from the accusations before reviewing Navarro’s liquor license.