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Drew Monson proves that influencers can make good music


Drew Monson first appeared in the public eye in 2007 when he published his first video on his YouTube channel, mytoecold

His fame initially stemmed from his friendships with controversial 2010s YouTube superstars, Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas, according to wegotthiscovered.com

Monson is known for his refreshing, unedited and stream-of-consciousness style videos. His blatant honesty intertwined with his niche sense of humor earned him a loyal following of fans who appreciate his vulnerability in front of the camera. 

Despite multiple breaks from Youtube over the course of his career, Monson ventured into the world of music with his debut album “The Pop He Faked” in 2015. 

His indie-pop beats and raw lyrics feel like a continuation of his inner monologue, making his music appealing to his fanbase. 

His music gained popularity after his collaboration with Cavetown, on a track titled “Wishing Well” in 2020. The song is on Cavetown’s album, “Sleepyhead,” and now has over 4 million streams on Spotify. 

On April 17, 2023, Monson released his third studio album, “I’m Dead.”  

Monson’s music combines surreal, whimsical production and simple, but telling lyrics that resonate with his audience. The album aims to emulate Monson’s own experiences with mental illness, as well as the experiences of those who relate to him. 

In the first track on the album, “I made my gf famous,” Monson delves into how fame can negatively affect interpersonal relationships and lead to loneliness and isolation. 

In a similar fashion to his videos, Monson’s music does not hesitate to call out issues he sees in Los Angeles and among fellow internet celebrities. The toxic and competitive nature of Hollywood is a common theme throughout the album. 

The album’s most popular track, “Half Asleep,” is an upbeat song about the lack of originality in the social media sphere. 

I was relatively unfamiliar with Drew Monson, prior to rediscovering him in April of 2023 from a YouTube recommendation. After my first cover-to-cover listen of “I’m Dead,” I knew Monson would quickly become one of my favorite artists and YouTubers. 

Monson’s unfiltered frankness forms a genuine connection between him and his audience. This album hit home for many long-standing and new fans. In comment sections and music reviews, his fans express their admiration for Monson’s sincerity and outspokenness. 

His ability to verbalize what goes on inside his head makes his music relatable to listeners, regardless of their background. 

The album runs for 43 minutes and 15 seconds, with a finishing track entitled “Walking Home.” The last song is a slow burn that brings the album to a close with its gentle instrumentals and metaphorical lyrics. 

The release of his next album is undetermined, but Monson confirmed on YouTube that he has every intention of putting out new music in the future. In the meantime, Monson posts videos on his main channel, as well as his second channel, drew monson #2

“I’m Dead” is available on Spotify and Apple Music

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