EC Eats: Midwest Meals

Healthy food for busy people


When Riverview Cafe doesn’t sound appealing, Midwest Meals prides itself on being a healthy alternative.

Midwest Meals, a local small business, is home to a wide variety of easy, heat-and-eat meals that require no more than two minutes and a microwave; perfect for living in the dorms or navigating life without a meal plan. 

The company’s mission is to make healthy and affordable food accessible to busy people, according to

Midwest Meals was founded in 2017, by Daniel Beck, and has been expanding ever since. The company serves nutritious food, ranging from cookies and cream overnight oats to pizza bowls, chicken alfredo and the best seller chicken burrito bowl. 

The rotating monthly menu ensures that returning customers have an ever-changing selection. In addition to the signature meals, they also offer a customizable, “build-a-meal” option. 

Andrew Sohr, a third-year finance student, is a regular customer there and is no stranger to the benefits of Midwest Meals. 

“I eat two double chicken burrito bowls every day,” Sohr said “Midwest [Meals] has helped my diet tremendously. I heard about it a few months ago from the general manager, and I have been ordering ever since.” 

General Manager, Brett Pecha, has seen tremendous growth in his time with Midwest Meals. Since starting in 2019, Pecha has witnessed the company adapt to fit the needs of the staff and customers. He made note of the company’s adherence to its core values, some of which being extreme accountability, taking initiative and working as a team. 

“I wish I had Midwest Meals throughout high school and college, especially being a multisport athlete,” Pecha said. 

Pecha gave a rundown of what typically goes into making a Midwest Meal. Being the general manager, he is responsible for continuously improving the systems in the kitchen to prioritize quality and efficiency. 

“We try to select ingredients that are the most beneficial for the body, so there is a lot of science that goes into the process too,” Pecha said. “We have a whole entire team that works on making our meals.” 

Each meal is high in protein, carbs, and other essential nutrients. The nutrition facts are clearly displayed on the packaging and on their website, making sure the customers know what they are getting with every purchase. 

Midwest Meals is an environmentally conscious company that reduces its carbon footprint by planting a tree with every online order. Numbers have surpassed 5,000 and are growing with each new week. They also limit their waste by sending excess food home with staff members and donating to the Lighthouse group

Midwest Meals is located in Eau Claire’s East Ridge Center. The signature meals are restocked every Monday and sold on a first come first serve basis. Customers also have the option to order online, to have their meals ready for storefront pick up on Monday. 

Midwest Meals has grown to have other pick-up locations at Eau Claire Fitness and other gyms in the area, according to 

When Riverview Cafe doesn’t sound appealing, Midwest Meals prides itself on being a healthy alternative. 

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