The Cabin hosts White Line Darko and Jeremiah Peer

White Line Darko and Jeremiah Peer perform at The Cabin for weekly concert series


Photo by Toby Mohr

The Cabin hosts two shows on Saturday night featuring White Line Darko and Jeremiah Peers

Jeremiah Peer opened for White Line Darko at The Cabin on Saturday night. 

The University Activities Committee hosted the newest segment of the weekly concert series on a stormy night inside Davies Center where two acts took the stage. 

Jeremiah Peer, a local singer and songwriter, opened the night with a solo performance of acoustic originals. 

Peer connected with White Line Darko when the band was in need of an opening performance. 

“I have a friend who is friends with the band and they were looking for someone in Eau Claire to open for them,” he said. “It was definitely last minute but because I’m a solo show it was pretty easy to put something together.” 

Peer said he enjoyed the opportunity to perform again after taking an extended break. Peer said the concert at The Cabin was his first performance in over eight months. 

After Peer’s show, psychedelic rock band White Line Darko took the stage to finish out the night.

White Line Darko was formed by lead singer and guitarist, Kenneth Zierman, in Duluth, Minn. before moving to Minneapolis. 

“I did two albums on my own before slowly getting a band together,” Zierman said. 

Zierman met Nolan Juusola, the band’s saxophone and keyboardist, at North-Central University in Minneapolis and the pair began working together to form a band.

“It took us a while to find the right people,” Zierman said. “We finally got this group together in 2019.”

When UAC reached out to the band Zierman said it was a good opportunity to expand to the Eau Claire area.

“We’ve done quite a few house shows in Eau Claire but this is our first concert show in the area,” he said.

White Line Darko performs music using a variety of instruments and styles, and Juusola said it can take a lot of time to find the right style for a song. 

“Some of our songs have been developing over several years,” Juusola said. “Most of them sound a lot different from how they first started.”

Zierman said the key to finding the right sound is to ignore any limitations. 

“When we are working on a song we try to find what instruments feel right and not to get limited by proper styles or definitions,” Zierman said. 

The Cabin’s weekly event series continues with the Singer/Songwriter Slam on March 11. Artists can compete to earn a paid featured show later this spring. Information about the event and registration can be found on The Cabin’s website or in Davies Center.

Events will resume after spring break with an Open Mic night hosted by Innocent Men on April 1 and a concert featuring Bad Bad Hats on April 2. 

Also upcoming from UAC, Springfest will be held from May 2 through May 7. Springfest will include a variety of indoor and outdoor events with concerts, recreation activities and movie screenings. 

White Line Darko can be found on Instagram and Facebook and their music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

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