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“Pre-Loved Podcast” airs newest season, our top episodes


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Welcome to “On the beat” where staff members of The Spectator newspaper will share their love for all things music, television, movies and more — all while keeping “with the beat” on what is fresh and new in the entertainment scene.

This week, podcasts will take the scene, like they already have been over the years — while doing laundry or driving on a long road trip. 

But, the newest season of “Pre-Loved Podcast,” has listeners ready to take a road trip over to their local thrift store or second-hand shop.

“Pre-Loved Podcast” is hosted by Emily Stochl, writer of the Brume and Daisy blog and an environmental journalist for Huffington Post and Atmos Magazine. Stochl, alongside her variety of guests each week, discusses topics related to sustainability and the fashion industry.

This podcast already has a strong following and hundreds of episodes, with four seasons to share on all streaming platforms.

“Pre-Loved Podcast” released their season five premiere on Feb. 1 — with guest feature Christy Dawn from “Oshadi Collective” — and will continue each week with a new guest within the fashion marketplace.

Stochl chats with guests on the fashion industry, fast fashion versus slow fashion, how to be sustainable in our economy with the clothes we purchase and stories behind one-of-a-kind vintage pieces collected by each guest. 

While viewers anticipate the rest of the upcoming season, here is a list of episodes — with unique stories to share — to catch up on from “Pre-Loved Podcast.”

Descriptions from each podcast episode are submitted from “Pre-Loved Podcast,” seasons one through four.

S4 Ep36 “Flea Market Love Letters” with guest, Liz Maguire:

“Maguire is a collector of vintage letters, postcards and photos found at the flea market. She shares stories on why she loves to read, share and preserve everyday history through second-hand collections.”

S4 Ep29 with guest, Kate Sekules: 

“Sekules is a writer, mending educator, activist and historian on the untold history of mending. She shares why visible mending is a revolution and a badge of honor — and how her journey of second-hand shopping or alterations shaped the writing of her newest published novel.”

S3 Ep7 with guest, Sammy Davis:

“Davis is a thrifting coach and entrepreneur who hosts thrifting & secondhand “store tours” across New York City through Airbnb. She also founded the community Thrift Babes and shares how the community has aided her skills in entrepreneurship and community building — all while in a global pandemic.”

Pre-Loved Podcast, in conversation with Masego Morgan:

“Morgan shares her stories on thrifting in Cape Town, South Africa and the geographic, social and political differences of second-hand shopping between the United States and other countries. Morgan utilizes her entrepreneurship skills over Instagram to promote conscious consumerism — specifically in the fast-fashion industry.”

Season five of “Pre-Loved Podcast” — and seasons one through four — can be found on all streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

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