New suites not so suitable for students

Newly built dorm building for students on campus isn’t as ready for living as people


Photo by Owyn Peters

The Suites is the most recent residence hall to be constructed.

Story by McKenna Dirks, Editor-In-Chief

UW-Eau Claire began building an addition, The Suites, to its upper campus after a nearly nine year master plan, according to UW-Eau Claire’s website. The building was opened for all students on August 29, but the construction isn’t finished quite yet in several of the building’s communal areas.

Mikayla Soltis, a second-year organizational communications student, said she’s not particularly worried about The Suites not being entirely finished.

“The only complaints I have are that our toilet doesn’t seem to flush quite right.” Soltis said, “And that our windows open a grand total of three inches.”

The building is six stories high and can hold a total of 432 male and female students with two different options for rooms: a double-double which consists of two double bedrooms and a bathroom and a quad-single which consists of four single bedrooms and a bathroom.

“I’m really excited about having our own shower and bathroom area,” Soltis said, “instead of having to share with an entire floor.”

She said she’s also happy with the size of her room in the double-double suite.

Jamie Siseman, a second-year human resources management student, said she chose The Suites because she knew she wouldn’t have transportation to get groceries, and The Suites doesn’t have a kitchen in each room.

“I didn’t want to pay for a full apartment that I wasn’t going to fully use.” Siseman said.

The Suites are furnished with a circulation space outside of the rooms on each floor, which includes a kitchen.

Siseman said she’s most excited about how new the whole building is.

“It’s all so shiny.” Siseman said, “All new tech, high ceilings. Very aesthetically appealing for sure.”

Despite her excitement about the new building, she did voice one concern about The Suites.

“When I first moved in on Saturday the 24,” Siseman said, “I did not think it was livable at all because of how sick the paint smell made me. It was only a headache, but I definitely lost my appetite as well.”

She said the first few nights she stayed at a friend’s place, but after the rest of the students moved in, The Suites became highly suitable for living.

Olivia Campbell, a second-year human resources management student, had a similar opinion to that of Siseman.

“It is very suitable to be living in right now,” Campbell said. “The lobby isn’t quite finished, but for the most part, it is up and running. There are a few things that aren’t quite ready, but that doesn’t affect the living situation for us.”

She said the best feature of the building is the overall design of the rooms. The double-double rooms have high ceilings and a fairly large common space, Campbell said.

“I also really enjoy the cave,” Campbell said, “which almost feels like a basement even though we don’t have a basement.”

Lillian Vang, a fourth-year pre-health and neuroscience student, said she is a resident assistant this year in The Suites. Vang said she’s excited to be a part of building a new community.

“Many halls have a sense of culture,” Vang said. “Or traditions that have been in place for years and I get to work with amazing staff to create something new.”

She also said she is proud to live in a hall that is accessible for those with physical disabilities.

“I recognize that not all halls are easily accessible to those who have physical disabilities,” Vang said. “It’s nothing to flaunt, but something I wanted to highlight because it should be made a norm for our campus.”

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