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Enjoy the approaching springtime weather by journeying outdoors

Timothy Spierings

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Photo by Lauren Spierings

Spring is on the way, with trees starting to sprout leaves.



While the oncoming weather may be discouraging, the arrival of spring foretells eventual warm weather and sunshine.

With the nicer weather, the urge to be outside grows stronger, and Mount Simon offers a picturesque atmosphere for those who want to be outside to explore.

“I’ve been to Mount Simon once, and it was a thrilling experience,” Kevin Culles, a first-year business student, said. “The mountainous formation forms the perfect opportunity for bonding with friends, interacting with wildlife and getting away from the city.”

Only a short drive from campus, Mount Simon boasts the Top Of The World, known for its position that shows much of Eau Claire. In addition, there is also a spot down by the Chippewa River where rope swings have been set up to jump in the water.

“My favorite part about Mount Simon is the view,” Culles said. “From its peak, you can see miles of pristine Wisconsin forestry, the Chippewa River and tons of wildlife.”

Not to be confused with Mount Simon Park, a quicker route to the Top Of The World can be found near the intersection of Snelling St. and Simon Ct. Hikers can also begin their trek from the very bottom of the climb at 1100 Addison St.

While the paths aren’t extensively long, they are steep enough to offer a challenge to those willing to brave the climb up.

“I think it’s really unique that Mount Simon is tucked into a little end of a neighborhood,” Elizabeth O’Brien, a third-year nursing student, said. “It’s really cool to see this beautiful chunk of nature in the midst of a community.”

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