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Acoustic Café is one of many great downtown ‘go-to’ coffee shop options

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Downtown Eau Claire hosts no shortage of coffee shop study spots. Among them, on the corner of Gray and Barstow Street in downtown Eau Claire, is the coffeehouse Acoustic Cafe.

According to Visit Eau Claire’s website, not only are the sandwiches great, but, “For those who are looking to grab a bite to eat in a cozy booth where you can study for hours, Acoustic Cafe is perfect for you.”

Acoustic Cafe offers fresh-made food, a warming atmosphere and a friendly staff, according to Facebook reviews. Rated 4.8/5 stars, Acoustic Cafe is said by reviews to be great for students looking for a study hub.

Since the opening of the cafe in 1993, they have served hot sandwiches, their own brewed coffee and fresh baked goodies made daily. 

The coffee shop is known for not only their food, but for their atmosphere, Mandy Janz, a third-year student at UW-Eau Claire said. 

Janz said what makes Acoustic Cafe different is “the live music and the art from different and unique local artists.” 

The coffee shop is lined with wooden booths for individuals looking for seclusion or to peek around the corners and listen to the live performances. 

For residents of Eau Claire, the cafe is a well known downtown Eau Claire staple piece, Janz said.

Not only do they host live performances, said Janz, they also have artwork that’s abstract and modern pieces that can be bought by anyone.

“In addition to hosting live performances, they support the local community,” Janz said. “The artwork from local artist is usually different as well as the musical artists.” 

According to their website, the cafe supports local artists by showcasing special artist displays throughout the building while offering various entertainment every weekend.

“The atmosphere is perfect for creating and working while looking out at the happenings of Barstow,” returning resident, Bonnie Mullins, said. Acoustic Cafe sits next to local jewelry, clothing and knick-knack shop owners in the center of the downtown district.

Acoustic Cafe is a familiar and great place to go and spend time in downtown, Mullins said. 

As a repeat customer, Mullins said she can always return to the café after being away for long periods of time.

“Growing up in Eau Claire, I was always looking for a great place to go and get out downtown,” Mullins said. “As I discovered my love for drawing, Acoustic Cafe became my go-to place to sketch… you can find me sketching in the wooden booths of Acoustic with a Highlander Grog and Hoagie.”

The Highlander Grog  is a coffee flavor the café features. Mullins said it is a classic flavor and is one of her favorites.

Students who are looking for a good study spot, hot coffee or a quiet place to work should consider exploring Acoustic Cafe.

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