Blooming into the world of art

Artists and florists combined their work to bring on the new season


Photo by Gabbie Henn

James W Hansen Gallery welcomes a warm beginning of spring and says goodbye to the cold winter season.


The James W Hansen Gallery at the Pablo Center recently opened a new exhibition called Fabulous Florals & Fine Arts. This gallery consist of various art pieces that have a single-floral arrangement along with a piece to represent it. Rose Dolan-Neill, Visual and Literary Arts Manager at the Pablo Center, curated this art show.

“This annual exhibit was an instant success due to hard work and determination of local floral shops, dedicated staff and volunteers, and the patrons who visited the gallery and spread the word,” Donan-Neill said in her curator statement.

The reception took place from 5-7 p.m. on March 20 where artists, paired with their florist, presented their work.

Donan-Neill said in her statement that the exhibition is “now in its fifth year in the Chippewa Valley, and the first exhibition of this kind at Pablo Center at the Confluence.”

Fabulous Florals and Fine Arts has become a tradition to transition locals from the brutal cold of the winter to a flowery spring.  

Henn can be reached at [email protected].