Hoppy Time

Monthly bunny social brings both pets and their owners together

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Photo by Sam Farley

A floppy-eared bunny pauses for his close-up.

Hoppy Time is a social event for rabbits and their owners and is held at the EmBark Canine Training Center one Sunday of each month. Sue Anderson, the organizer of the now four and a half year old event, said it offers rabbits great exercise while owners get an opportunity to share their stories and information with one another.

Anderson said the idea came from attending a similar event called “Hoppy Hour” in Golden Valley, Minnesota. This weekly event is of a larger scale–between 80-150 rabbits attend, usually–and even features agility equipment.

Although Hoppy Time isn’t quite as extravagant, it has grown over the years and will likely continue to do so. Anderson said she thought November’s Hoppy Time would bring in fewer people due to the cold weather, but she was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case. Some 10-15 rabbits and well over 20 people were in attendance Sunday evening.

Bunnies must be spayed or neutered at least one month in advance in order to attend a Hoppy Time social. A $3 entry fee is also required for rabbit owners to help with event costs, but spectators are welcome free of charge. According to Volume One’s article, the next Hoppy Times will be Dec. 9 and Jan. 13.

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