Flavorful finds at Food Truck Friday

September Food Truck Friday sneak peek

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Pura Vida
May 15, 2019

Photo by Ryan Jean-Baptiste

Life Support BBQ’s food truck is appropriately called “The Hambulance.”

For students who are tired of the typical instant ramen dinner, spice it up with Volume One’s Food Truck Friday (FTF) event.

Twelve different trucks, including Life Support BBQ and Locavore Mobile Kitchen, will be at this Friday’s event. Located behind the Galloway Grille at the ‘Railroad Lot,’ each truck offers their own unique flavors and dishes.

Life Support BBQ’s “The Hambulance” started servin’ up the goods in May 2017. Co-owner, operator and North Carolina native Ryan Jean-Baptiste said he has spent his life perfecting the art of “craft barbeque.”

Jean-Baptiste said he’d describe his business as a “labor of love.”

“It’s all wood-fire … on my grill, so I have to feed the fire all night and whatnot,” Jean-Baptiste said. “So there’s not a lot of sleep that goes into it … everything I do is from scratch.”

Jean-Baptiste said FTF offers an opportunity for Life Support BBQ to do research and work on developing new products such as the barbeque tofu and pineapple sandwich. The event also functions as a marketing tool, he said.

Life Support BBQ offers a variety of different options for hungry foodies including pretzel bun sliders of brisket or pulled pork, The Cuban — thick cut ham with slices of pork belly and Havarti cheese on a ciabatta bun — and The Hangover. All of these eats and more will be available this Friday.

This year’s crowd favorite, Jean-Baptiste said, has been The Hangover  — loaded french fry flats with pulled pork, cheese curds, cheese sauce and barbeque sauce.  

Another featured food truck, Locavore Mobile Kitchen, was started Amy Huo and, like Life Support BBQ, made its debut last May.

Locavore Mobile Kitchen is known for its speciality burgers, gluten-free cheese curds and other locally sourced dishes. Its fresh, locally-sourced and made-from-scratch menu changes weekly and caters to a variety of tastes.

“My number one priority since I worked at (Blue Hill at) Stone Barns with Dan Barber has been to only care about the roots of where the food comes from and making sure that we’re supporting farmers who work within our biome,” Huo said.

This Friday some of the dishes Locavore Mobile Kitchen will be offering include chicken gravy poutine, roasted carrot fries, signature burgers, roasted apple salad and lamb chili.

FTF is an opportunity for foodies and non-foodies alike to try new and exciting foods as well as twists on old favorites. For more information about the event, check out Volume One’s website.

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