Ballin’ on a Budget

How to keep date night exciting without breaking the bank

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Ballin’ on a Budget
November 12, 2018

Growing up, we watch our parents go out on fancy dates, making dents in their wallets that can be filled with just another day of work. When it comes to college, however, this lifestyle can take a toll on your bank account. Here are some examples of cost-effective dates that won’t kill the mood.

Exercise together. Physical activity is so versatile, there are so many ways to get the heart racing while also allowing for free-flowing conversation. Whether it’s the first or the 500th date, going on a walk or hike, taking a workout class or rock climbing are perfect, and cheap, date options.

Putnam trail is beautiful this time of year as the leaves change colors and the heat dies down. A stroll along it is free and great for a date. Pack a picnic for before the stroll and dine with a view of the Chippewa River from Putnam Rock. UW-Eau Claire also offers free yoga and zumba classes and students have access to the bouldering wall inside the Hilltop Recreation Center.

After exercising Eau Claire is great for hammocking with our perfectly distanced trees. Couples can relax and have a snack or read a book together while appreciating the autumn scenery.

Another option is to explore Eau Claire’s unique downtown area. Find a cozy coffee shop to stop and chat at, enjoy the riverfront view or the farmer’s markets’ diverse selections. Now with the opening of the Pablo Center, amazing concerts are also available without the expense.

Need the traditional dinner and a movie? Cook a cheap spaghetti dinner at home then head on over to Davies Student Center. The Woodland Theater shows movies for free every weekend. All students need is their special someone and Blugold ID. This weekend’s movie is The Zookeepers Wife. Other movies being shown this semester include Legally Blonde,  Avengers Infinity War, I, Tonya and Ready Player One.

Switch it up from the typical cafeteria food without having to shell it out at restaurants with the food trucks that can be found all over Eau Claire.

Thanks to our university’s new Garfield Grab n’ Go food truck event, which takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m every weekday, these food trucks are conveniently coming right to campus. Taste something unique without the hassle of a high bill. Then take a stroll across the bridge and enjoy the beautiful fall views.

A night in is always the best bet for optimal one-on-one time. To stray from the typical Netflix-and-chill session, have a Q & A session. Write down some questions you want to know about each other and put in them in a hat or bowl and answer them. The more creative and thoughtful the better.

Eau Claire offers a variety of creative and affordable date options to choose from. Date night doesn’t have to break the bank.

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