The International Folk Fair is coming to campus this weekend

This year’s theme will take guests around the globe in one afternoon with its theme: Global Feast

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The marketing interns will work to bring the world’s cuisine to UW-Eau Claire this year.

On Sunday, April 29, Davies Student Center will be be full of food, entertainment and exhibitions from cultures all around the globe. This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the event where 25 international groups will be represented.

Each year chooses a specific theme to focus the events around. Last year’s theme focused on music. This year’s theme is Global Feast.

Even though music was the main focus last year, there will still be musical performances from Klezmer Cabaret Orchestra and the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble this year. The fair is integrating the food theme through students’ cooking and live demonstrations from local chefs.

Zhao Yang, a junior marketing student, is a member of the marketing interns for the Folk Fair. This group meets each week and their job is to promote the Folk Fair through their social media and through posters around campus.

Yang decided to join the marketing interns so to gain better communication and marketing skills. He said he wanted to work with a diverse group of people. Yang was involved in the Folk Fair last year and said his experience would be helpful in the promotion of the fair this year.

Samantha Theodore, a senior psychology student, works directly with the social media aspects of promotion. Theodore said the Folk Fair utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

“Our goal is to get students as well as community involved and excited for the event,” Theodore said.

The marketing interns also provide reminders to the different participating groups. They send emails to each group informing them of their set up and practice times.

“I’m a Chinese member along with one other; there are also Malaysian members, and all of us are marketing students. I bring ideas that other people don’t,” Yang said. “We all bring different perspectives.”

This year’s International Folk Fair and will give visitors the opportunity to try a vast variety of dishes from around the world.
“Every country’s group will do their best job with their food,” Yang said.

Yang himself will be preparing food with the Chinese-student group. He said they plan to cook three dishes and bring three dishes in from local Chinese restaurants.

“We do this because we know that Americans might not like the traditional food that we make,” Yang said. “The Chinese food might be too sweet or too spicy, so we choose to buy some from restaurants.”

Theodore said she wanted to be a social media intern because she is an international student and this event is essentially designed for her.

“I’m passionate about this event because it’s a part of my identity,” Theodore said, “and that makes me want to participate.”
Along with promoting the event, Theodore will also be participating in the event. She, along with her fellow Malaysian peers, will be preparing various dishes for the fair.

“We are making chicken, rice, milk tea and Malaysian pancakes,” Theodore said.

The International Folk Fair begins at noon and ends at 4 p.m. this Sunday in Davies Center. The event is free to the public.