Cattail Moon specializes in acoustic music with a vast variety of instruments

Five-member band puts the acoustic in Acoustic Cafe

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Photo by Jessie Meyen

Cattail Moon performed at 7 p.m. on Saturday night at Acoustic Cafe.

On Saturday night, Acoustic Cafe was bursting with an enthusiastic audience entranced by the melodic tunes and acoustic sounds coming from the five-member band that was performing.

Every seat in Acoustic Cafe was taken. Audience members, young and old, sipped on coffee and savored their ice cream cones. A larger group pushed two tables together and started a game of cards while appreciating the music.

Cattail Moon brought fresh vibes to acoustic music by playing a widespread collection of genres and a plethora of instruments.

As the band members flipped their sheets of music and transitioned into the next song, each member pulled out a new instrument. The band members took turns singing lead and contributing to the harmonies.  

Cattail Moon is made up of five members: Bard Goodlet, Sue Birch, Hiedi Martin, Craig Hansen and Jaime Novak.

Goodlet said the band has many unique features, but the most interesting is their diversity.

“I think what makes us unique is the way we take songs and make them our own, along with our vocals,” Goodlet said. “We also do a lot of rock songs on acoustic instruments, which is fun.”

Collectively the band plays an extensive list of instruments. The musicians play guitars, mandolins, fiddles, banjos, ukulele, bodhrans, accordion, bouzouki, bagpipes, pennywhistle along with numerous percussion items.

The current band of five was originally two separate bands with similar styles that combined their two names Cattail String Band and Dog Tail Moon — and talents to become one.

The band performs all different types of music including Celtic Irish, acoustic and indie rock, country, Americana, traditional, gospel and originals songs.

When it comes to writing original songs, Goodlet is usually the one who takes the lead. She said she’s only written a few songs so far but wants to add more to their lineup during shows.

The original songs the band has now are “Oh Lucky you,” “Third and Vine,” “Rafferty’s Rink,” “McBroom,” “Reunion,” “Skeleton Train” and “Rainin’ in Poskin.”

On Saturday night the band performed covers such as “California Dreaming,” “Amie” and “Whiskey in The Jar” while the audience sang along.

Brittany Brezinski, a second-year Spanish student, said she had been at the cafe studying with a friend when she was pleasantly surprised to hear the band start playing.

“We have been studying here all day and the music gave us a chance to take a break,” Brezinski said. “It was chill and relaxing.”

The band performs at Acoustic Cafe at least once a year and continues to come back because of the interactive audience.

“The audience is fantastic,” Novak said. “They’re so appreciative and they always participate. And it always gives us a chance to break out a few new songs and play some new originals.”

Cattail Moon can be found at their next venue, Howlin’ Wolf Creek Bar in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin on Saint Patrick’s Day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

For more information, the band can be contacted through their website.