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A preview to the movies coming to Davies this semester

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Each semester, a handful of films are scheduled for showings in the Woodland Theater, courtesy of the University Activity Commission’s (UAC) film series and the International Film Society. Looking at the lineup, many modern classics are coming to the screen this semester. Admission is free for students and $5 for community members.

UAC’s Featured Films

Coming to the Woodland Theater Feb. 2-4 is the 80’s classic, “The Breakfast Club.” The John Hughes’ film is about a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal in detention on a Saturday. Over the course of eight hours, the five polarized youths find that they aren’t as different as they originally thought.

“Baby Driver” will be on screen Feb. 9-11. The protagonist, Baby, is a skilled getaway driver who is looking for an out from his dangerous career. Before he can leave his past behind he must be a part of one last heist which holds the power to endanger his life, freedom and newfound love.

In the cult classic, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” sweethearts Brad and Janet find themselves in the home of a transvestite scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. They encounter many interesting characters, including the doctor’s newest experiment, ‘Rocky’. Rock songs and extreme dance numbers come together throughout the film, showing Feb. 10 at midnight.

Oil paintings come to life to create the life and death of the acclaimed artist, Vincent Van Gogh in the movie, “Loving Vincent,” follows the story of a young man entering to the last hometown of the artist to deliver the letter that leads to an investigation about the final days of Vincent Van Gogh. This film is showing Feb. 16-18.

On March 9-11, the new Disney movie, “Coco” will be playing. In this film, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead to prove himself as a musician despite his family’s ban on music. He embarks on a journey through the new land to unlock the long-kept secrets of his family’s history.

A group of outcasts band together to take on the evil lurking in the sewers in the modern horror film, “It.” In this modern remake of the classic movie, each character must face the terrors of the clown that has begun to hunt them in this movie, showing up April 20-22.

“Dunkirk” will be playing May 4-6, which focuses on the events of the British Allied forces in World War II. While the Allies are trapped on a beach in France with their backs to the ocean and the German army closes in on them, they must wait to be saved.

The final movie of the semester, “Lady Bird,” is playing May 11-13. The film follows Catholic high school senior Christine ‘Lady Bird’ MacPherson through her final year in high school and through the big decisions the quirky teen must make along the way.

International Film Society’s Featured Films

Swedish film “Let the Right One In” from 2008 will be showing March 2-4. In this movie, Oskar is an often overlooked and bullied boy, who meets his mysterious next-door neighbor, Eli. They form a friendship and Oskar finds that his new friend is somehow tied to many local murders.

On April 28-29 the Argentine-Spanish dark comedy, “Wild Tales,” will be showing. This film consists of six different short stories that follow various characters who walk the line that separates civilization and barbarism. A plane full of people from the past, car trouble, attempted murder, unbridled anger, covering up a crime and an affair all take place throughout each unique story.

“Human Flow” is coming to the theater April 6-8. This German documentary takes place in 23 different countries throughout the course of one year. The film is led by artist Ai Weiwei and shows the struggles of human migration while also allowing audiences to experience the large scale of this movement as well as the small individual in the crowds.

Other events

Additional events coming to the Woodland Theater include the Annual 31 Day Video Project Screening, showing Tuesday, March 13. In addition, Canada’s Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour will be taking place April 27.