Vibe Nutrition is coming to Water Street

A healthy alternative that doubles as a nutrition club is coming very soon

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Photo by Sam Farley

Charles Probst has a vision to bring health and wellness to Water Street. His store Vibe Nutrition opens in September bringing his vision to fruition.

In the past, Water Street has been known for burritos and beer, but a newcomer plans to spice up the area in a creative and healthy way.

Charles Probst and his son Mikale Probst are opening Vibe Nutrition, a new store, which is currently under construction. They plan to open the doors to the Eau Claire community sometime in September.

The store will be located directly under the UW-Eau Claire student apartments, Aspenson Mogenson Hall.

Jackson Murphy, a sophomore who moved into the Aspenson Mogenson residence hall last week, expressed his curiosity about the new store.

“I’m on the club soccer team and I need to start eating healthier, so I’d be willing to check it out,” Murphy said.

Students like Murphy are exactly the type of people Charles is trying to reach.

Charles works as a health and wellness coach, focusing the occupation out of his home. However, he said he wanted to move into a storefront and create a real business out of his passion.

His goal with the new business is to provide people with a healthy alternative. He said they plan to do this in a variety of ways.

“Our services will include health and physical wellness evaluations, weight loss challenges, accountability and presentations from individuals to keep clients motivated,” Charles said.

Charles’ vision for Vibe Nutrition is mind, body and spirit. His desire is to be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. so people are allowed to have the entire day to access nutrition experts.

The store will have smoothies and teas for sale and offer healthy alternatives to the breakfast and lunch options currently provided on Water Street, he said.

He wants people to know his nutrition club isn’t meant for those on a diet, but instead for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change.

“We want to provide nutrition information to anyone who will listen,” Probst said. “I want to bring in community speakers and campus speakers to talk about certain topics and be able to inform people about health and wellness.”

The reason Charles wanted to start Vibe Nutrition comes from a personal struggle with weight and exercise.

Charles Probst’s son, Mikale is a health and wellness coach who tried to convince his father for a number of years to get on a plan to change his diet and start exercising more frequently. His father continued to refuse his son until one day he had trouble breathing while tying his shoes.

“It was then that I knew I needed to make a drastic change and start listening to my son,” Charles said.

He now works out three to four times per week and uses all of his son’s products.

To get regular updates on Vibe Nutrition, check out their Facebook page.