Going To The Sun make their debut at The Cabin

A combination of styles were played by Going To The Sun last Friday

Macey VanDenMeerendonk

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March 25, 2020


Last Friday at The Cabin, Going To The Sun played their acoustic folk and pop rock original songs.

Last Friday night, acoustic folk and pop rock filled The Cabin as the lights switching from red to yellow to blue cast a glow over Going To The Sun, a Minneapolis-based band.

They played original songs along with covers of Michael Jackson, Prince, Steve Miller Band and bands with similar sounds.

Their combination of styles of music gave the audience different genres that almost anyone in the audience could enjoy.

First-time Cabin-goer Jameson Rubenzer, a first-year psychology student, said the band impressed him.  

“(Going To The Sun are) very good — their ability to play many different genres of songs and to play their own — I think they have a lot going for them,” he said.

David Young is the guitarist and covers lead vocals for the group. He said the group of four started playing together in 2014 but had previously made music together at different times with various projects.

Zach Young, the drummer and vocalist, and David Young are not related but are from the same town in Montana and have been making music together for more than 20 years.

“We’re as good as brothers,” David said of himself and Zach.

Going To The Sun as a band name came from the road that runs through Glacier National Park.

“A lot of the songs I started to write as a way of exploring life and love and loss and healing and connection. It seemed like a fitting name because I spent a lot of time in Glacier Park with beloved ones,” David said.

With this performance being their first at The Cabin, they received audience approval and positive reviews. Jordan Niles, a first-year biology student, said he thinks the band is incredible.

“It’s fun to get out there and play just because you always feed off the energy of the crowd and the people in the room.” Zach said. “It’s kind of an experience that you share together and I find that really uplifting to just kind of be creative with people and see their response and experience each other’s’ energy, it’s a neat thing to be able to play live music or an art like that where you can share with people.”

The band plays at venues ranging from outdoor patios to big rock clubs mainly around the Minneapolis area, and sometimes they change the configuration of the group with some gigs. “David and I have done some duo shows with guitar and keys,” Charlie Peterson, who covers keyboard  and vocals, said.

In the beginning, David said he wrote songs while he was solo and would bring them to Zach to record demos of.

“Now I bring in songs and we’re playing them as a band and they get to develop as a band, so everybody ends up contributing something in a way,” David said.

They shared their experiences they have had, from playing for crowds to the different reactions that come depending on where they play.

“The fact that we play the same songs when we go out, they’re always different every time,” Peterson said. “Something happens in the middle of a song that nobody anticipates, but it’s just kind of the essence of live music that you get in the same space and you have kind of a road map but whatever happens from there is pretty organic.”

Going To The Sun’s music can be found at Bandcamp as well as their Facebook page.