East Meets West exhibit showcases international artists

National and international artists show their pieces with the theme ‘My Medicine’

Macey VanDenMeerendonk

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March 25, 2020

Photo by Sam Farley

Galaudet Gallery’s summer exhibition, East Meets West, displays artwork until Sept. 18.

In a victorian-style house located in downtown Eau Claire sits Galaudet Gallery. If you were to walk into the showcase during its East Meets West art exhibit, from now until Sept. 18, you would see national and international artists’ take on eastern and western healing modalities and spiritual pursuits.

Covering the walls and filling the rooms are paintings, watercolors, drawings, jewelry, prints, photography, sculptures, fine crafts and other works of art that go along with the theme: “My Medicine.”

Vicki Milewski, co-owner of Galaudet Gallery, said she called the summer exhibit that is currently on its fourth year, “The Mind Medicine Art Series.” She added that this exhibit is influenced by is Oscar Howe.

The gallery holds several pieces Howe’s artwork. Milewski said her favorite quote of his is when he said “His medicine is his art.”

“He is one of my big influences as an artist, myself,” Milewski said.

As many as 250 artists submitted three pieces to the exhibit. Additionally, she said more than half of the artwork has already been sold.

“It’s one thing to be shown locally, but to really be accepted as artists you have to exhibit nationally and internationally,” Milewski said after she explained that local artists typically don’t exhibit at the gallery.

In her experience, she said artists haven’t shown interest in professional artist tracks with Galaudet Gallery through displaying and selling when offered to showcase their art at her gallery.

The many national and international artists being showcased had different reasons for submitting their artwork.

Artist Izzy Anderson submitted her piece “Prescription for Pain” to the exhibit.

“I just thought the painting fit the theme of the show,” Anderson said. “So I decided on a whim to try it.”

Fellow artist Emma Connolly is exhibiting her art for the second year with her series of pieces entitled “Skin and Bone.”

“I enjoyed working with them last year and I sold my piece,” Connolly said. “I was happy to exhibit another piece for them this year.”

Both Anderson and Connolly, whose art careers have taken off within the last one to four years, have shared their opinions on “My Medicine” for people to look at. Connolly also displays her artwork in Berlin, Athens, London and locally for her in Essex, U.K.

Milewski said at the second location of Galaudet Gallery in Chicago, there have been times when they have had to turn away artist submissions because of the wonderful response to exhibitions.

Although the art can range in cost up to $15,000, there are more affordable options.

“We do have nominally priced items that can start at $5,” Milewski said.

She said the next exhibit will have some “cool items” like electric guitars and typewriters that may appeal to students.  

The gallery is open daily from noon to 8 p.m. and is located at 618 S. Farwell St.