‘Now I Feel Adored’ by genuine folk musician at The Cabin

Minneapolis based artist J.E. Sunde celebrated the release of his latest album last Saturday

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John Sunde, known musically as J.E. Sunde, introduced his newest album “Now I Feel Adored” at The Cabin last Saturday night.

His self-described musical style is “indie songwriter music with a compositional ambition,” an approach which was characterized by experienced-based lyrics with a philosophical twist.

Sunde said he is inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Animal Collective and Paul Simon, among “gobs” of others.

He’s been making music for 21 years, since he was 11 years old, Sunde said. A UW-Eau Claire alumnus, Sunde was in a band for 10 years before beginning to produce solo music. His goal is to be a full-time musician and to continue producing his own particular brand of music.

“Now I Feel Adored” is available on Spotify and Bandcamp, along with his previous album “Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God.”