Sleeping Jesus awakens The Cabin

Minnesota indie band played for a growing crowd Friday night


Photo by Emilee Wentland

Nick Elstad, the lead singer of Sleeping Jesus, performed at The Cabin Friday night.

Story by Emilee Wentland, Staff Writer

An orange-lit background illuminated the stage as spotlights were tested and singers warmed up. Sounds of “check one, two” can be heard as the band performs their soundcheck before the start of the show. “Sleeping Jesus” is written in perfect cursive on the drumset.

Sleeping Jesus, an indie-rock band from Winona, Minn. was featured at The Cabin this weekend. It was their first time performing at this venue.

Lead singer Nick Elstad said he was “completely surprised by how gorgeous it is.”

Their set consisted of many songs, including two new releases as well as the songs from their EP titled “Perennial.” The songs were lively and dance-worthy, the band energetic and upbeat throughout the 45-minute show.

The audience wasn’t able to look away during the performance because the band members were so into the music they were playing.

“You guys are so wonderful,” Elstad said to the crowd in between songs. “You pay so much attention.”

Leah Nystuen, another singer part of the band, harmonized with Elstad’s vocals. Elstad and Chris Wehr played guitar, Ross Nixon played bass and Tyler Steinley played drums.

The crowd started small, but grew in size as the band continued their set. Soon, The Cabin was full of people, enjoying the music (and their coffee).

“There’s so many of you out there it’s so nice to see,” Elstad said as more people sat down at previously vacant tables.

Elstad said his favorite part about performing is meeting new people.

Throughout the show, the audience’s feet were tapping and their heads were bobbing along to the beat.
Among audience members was UW-Eau Claire student Hannah Munn, who said Sleeping Jesus is really good, having been to some of the band’s shows before.