Micah Ryan expresses himself at The Cabin

Local artist shares vocal talent, experiences and humor

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Photo by Amanda Thao

As the sun went down in Eau Claire, lights turned on in The Cabin. The colors of the trees changed in the foreground as a crowd appeared; a few people at first, joined by curious listeners later on. Micah Ryan, native Eau Claire singer and songwriter, made his way to the front.

He started the two-hour concert with some original songs: “Girl of My Dreams,” “I Won’t Hope for You Back” and “Selfish Child.” Throughout the night, he also performed covers of songs such as “Take Me To Church” by Hozier, “Budapest” by George Ezra, “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith, “The Only Exception” by Paramore and “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

Ryan’s musical philosophy begins with acceptance and connections. An artist inspired by John Legend, Adele, John McLaughlin, Josh Kelley and Ed Sheeran, Ryan sang dedicatory songs and odes about many of his life experiences, such as breaking up, finding himself and being alone.

“I want people to be able to hear a song and say, ‘I feel that, I experienced that, I am not alone,’” Ryan said. “That only comes from opening up the depths of who you are and pouring it out.”

A tenor singer, Ryan expressed his vocals through his lyrics and his tone. His lyrics conjured empathetic feelings among the audience.

“I think that music can touch people in a way that nothing else can,” Ryan said. “It opens up people’s hearts to connect with complete strangers. You just connect with the music first and then ultimately, healing can come from that.”

Music is a tool for Ryan to show his listeners that they are not alone, that others can empathize with his lyrics. Ryan said music holds a changing power in which his art can make an impact on the heart and on one’s perceptions and mindset, which hopefully connects to others.

“In a culture that is super detached, people long to connect to somebody,” Ryan said. “You watch it everywhere, you see it everywhere.”

During the night, he lightened the mood with soft humor, bringing up topics like Pokémon and the purpose of having abs versus a voice in America. He also showcased a Russian accent.

Senior English education student Jonathan Idarraga attended the concert and said his favorite song of Ryan’s was “I Won’t Hope for You Back”.

“I think he is pretty good, he has a smooth sound,” Idarraga said.

Idarraga said he would consider buying Ryan’s first album, which he will begin recording on Sept. 13.