‘In Your Eyes’ in review

A metaphysical romance that will spice up your Valentine’s Day weekend

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Life may seem a little crazy when you’re in love: you forget who you are, you forget the consequences and you only see what’s right in front of you.

Joss Whedon’s “In Your Eyes” is an unexpected romantic film that will keep you wondering what it would be like to be so connected to someone you feel their joy and sadness with an incredible depth that’s almost comfortable.

Rebecca Porter (Zoe Kazan), a timid East Coast housewife, finds herself inexplicably intertwined in the life of ex-convict Dylan Kershaw (Michael Stahl-David).

The two are from completely different worlds: one rich, the other penniless; one rule-bound, the other free-spirited.Yet both live vicariously through the other.

As children, Rebecca and Dylan had unexplainable experiences — brief flashbacks of terrifying moments where he sees what she sees and experiences. As they got older, the connection intensified. Rebecca and Dylan experience each other’s life through the other’s eyes with an uncanny awareness of the other’s physical surroundings and emotions.

As Rebecca and Dylan become more aware of each other, they contentedly spend their halcyon days conversing with one another. As time goes by, the conversations become intimate, as each begins to learn every detail of the other’s life.

However, trouble ensues when Rebecca’s controlling husband Phillip (Mark Feuerstein) worries that Rebecca’s mindless conversations with herself is a sign of mental illness.

The story continues as Rebecca finds herself lonely as ever in her life as a high-class urban socialite. She turns to Dylan during her all-time low, but it is Dylan that chose Rebecca from day one.

Any romance movie goer will enjoy this offbeat, suspenseful love story. This Valentine’s Day weekend, check out “In Your Eyes” in Woodland Theater Feb. 12-14.