Senior art students plan to showcase various mediums at the Foster Gallery

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition is set to display many different art forms through senior thesis projects

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December 13, 2018

Photo by Alyssa Anderson

Senior art student Michael Gherke stops to strike a pose while preparing his work for the Bachelor of Fine Arts senior Exhibition, debuting Dec.4 at the Foster Gallery in Haas.

For several long months, six UW-Eau Claire senior art students have slaved away over cameras, canvases and computer screens for their thesis projects.

Their work will be displayed for the public beginning Dec. 4, at the Foster Gallery in Haas Fine Arts Center.

The “Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition” exhibits thesis projects from six graduating Bachelors of Fine Arts students.

“The exhibition features a wide range of artistic mediums and conceptual approaches,” Jill Olm, associate professor of painting and drawing and interim director of the Foster Gallery, said. Visiting the gallery, viewers will find illustrations, photographs, paintings, ceramics, digital designs and a multimedia installation.”

Illustration student Michael Gherke will display part of his in-progress graphic novel entitled “Swift’s Tail,” inspired by a three-month long bedtime story he told to his 12-year-old son.

Gherke spent the duration of this semester creating the first eight pages of what he hopes will become a 100 page graphic novel he describes as “an epic fantasy.”

Instead of using typical illustration, Gherke said he created the piece via digital painting, a technique that is currently being taught for the first time at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Gherke, who is in the midst of a graphic design internship, noted the exhibit’s audiences can expect to see a large variety of art forms.

“The hardest part about coming to school was deciding what (medium) to focus on,” Gherke said. “I just wanted to do everything.”

Alongside Gherke, illustration student Evan Jasurda will display 12 pages of comics and three watercolor paintings.

Furthermore, Graphic design student Asahi Nagagta plans to show 15 pieces dedicated to her experience living in the Midwest. Photography student Claire Madden will exhibit four photography pieces along with a ceramic installation.

Martha Gerlach will display several mixed media pieces including oil paint on canvas and ceramic work.

Last but not least, Phillip Schadweiler will exhibit a multimedia piece called “Everyone’s a Voyeur,” which examines the perversion of languages through exploring the etymology of “voyeurism.”

Mark your calendars and get to the Foster Gallery from Dec. 4-13 for an artistic experience exclusively from senior students.