The world is waiting for Haley Parvin

Seasoned freshman singer performs at The Cabin

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Photo by Brian Sheridan

Parvin performs one of her songs on piano during her show at The Cabin on Saturday.

There was a new Blugold performing at The Cabin on Saturday, but she is by no means new to the performing environment.

Haley Parvin is a freshman choral education major who recently arrived from the Madison area. She is a singer, songwriter, musician and album-maker, having recently released her second album “One Eye Open,” following her last album “The World is Waiting.”

Parvin displayed a variety of talent on Saturday, from her wide vocal range to her own accompaniment on guitar and piano. She said she has been singing all her life and decided to start learning instruments to accompany herself.

“I started taking voice lessons in 7th grade, started playing guitar my freshman year of high school, and piano in 8th grade,” Parvin said. “And violin. I’ve played violin since 4th grade.”

Her style of music is a mix between pop rock and R&B, at least that’s what it is on iTunes, she said. Parvin had a weekly gig at a place called Pizza Oven before she left for college, and she was never quite the center of attention as she was at The Cabin on Saturday.

“It was a little bit different because usually when I play, people talk and it’s more of a background thing,” Parvin said. “But it was good.”

By the time Parvin was halfway through her performance, every table was filled, and all eyes were on her.

Concert Chair for UAC, Connor Murray, was a part of the audience and enjoyed the performance.

“It was excellent,” Murray said. “I was pleasantly surprised by a student performer.”

Parvin started off by playing a song from her new album called “Chasing Your Tail,” while also throwing in some cover songs like “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals and “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

Haley was very comfortable on stage, talking to the audience and laughing off mistakes she made. Parvin said she draws inspiration from watching other performers since she is normally “an introverted person.”

Currently, Parvin has no other big singing plans now that she has finished her second album. She believes this album has been her greatest accomplishment in her singing career to date.

“It was kind of cool because it was actually recorded in a studio and other musicians were playing on it,” Parvin said. “I’m proud of it.”

Universal Music mixed Parvin’s album because her producer knew someone who worked there. This is the same place where artists such as The Beatles, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and a myriad of others had their albums produced.

Parvin said it was a long process to get from having her songs on paper to having them on an album.

“First, we picked what songs to do and then recorded a scratch track of the vocals and instrumentals,” Parvin said. “They would record the guitar and drums when I wasn’t there so then I would come back and hear it and it was cool.”

The performance concluded with Parvin’s song “I’ll Be Around.” And this looks to be true for Parvin, who will be seen around Eau Claire as a part of Women’s Concert Chorale and in more potential solo shows at The Cabin.