Mean Girls just can’t help that it’s so fetch

Regina George and The Plastics still remain on top after 11 grool years

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Since 2004, millions of teenagers and twenty somethings became enthralled with the movie “Mean Girls.” People still recite Regina George’s famous lines. Glenn CoCo remains one of the most popular movie characters without ever having any screen time. And people still wear pink on Wednesdays.

The movie centers on main protagonist and soon-to-be plastic Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan. Homeschooled her entire life, the redhead is suddenly forced from the African jungles into a different jungle all together: high school.

Damian and Janis, two of the “out crowd” members, immediately befriend her. However, she soon runs into the Plastics, a clique of relentless, beautiful and superficial girls who own the school’s social scene. Soon, they spot Heron and let her into their tight knit group.

Regina George is the blonde leader of the clique. She is a “life-ruiner, and everyone knows it.” Gretchen, whose father invented the Toaster Strudel, is likened to Regina’s personal satellite, constantly orbiting around the queen bee. Karen is introduced to viewers as “one of the dumbest people you will ever meet” and certainly doesn’t do anything to dispute that statement through the movie.

Naive Heron is hesitant about joining Regina, but Janis and Damian devise a plan for Heron to go undercover and sabotage the Plastics from the inside. She successfully creates chaos within the Plastics, and her ploys to destroy the group become increasingly ridiculous.

Heron becomes distracted from the original plan because she likes Aaron Samuels, who also happens to be Regina’s ex, and is “totally off limits” due to the “rules of feminism.”

Throughout the movie, Heron fluxes between deceiving The Plastics, to becoming one of them. All the while, Cady tries to make Samuels fall helplessly in love with her.

Tension between Heron and forgotten friends Janis and Damian rises, leading to a fallout between the three. Chaos, naturally, ensues.

At the same time, Regina finds out that Heron initially intended to spill all of the Plastic’s secrets and destroy them from the inside. So she devises a plan and successfully makes the entire student body hate Heron.

An intervention follows, where feelings are shared between the entire female population of the high school. Everyone finds out they have all been personally victimized by Regina George. Friendships are somewhat regained and Heron learns her lesson.

Mean Girls is playing September 11-13 at Davies in the Woodland Theater.  So if you are a cool mom, are looking for something fetch to do, or are just plain grool, you better show up. If not, you don’t even go here.