Students stand for freedom

International Justice Mission held 24-hour event outside Davies Center April 8

As students file in and out of Davies Wednesday for breaks in between classes to relax, eat lunch or do homework, some stood outside for, “people who can’t stand for themselves,” according to junior Reece Pierson.

The Stand for Freedom event was a 24-hour event, supporting human trafficking. For people who are coerced into trafficking or have no other options, it’s what sparked the event.

This isn’t the first Stand for Freedom event held on campus. Last year, the same event was held in April, which featured a petition sent to Gov. Scott Walker about the issue.

While sophomore Emily Lorentz said this year’s event wasn’t focused too much about the legal aspects of human trafficking, it focused more on educating others about trafficking and building awareness.

There were mirrors of reflection outside of Davies on Wednesday, information flyers and a bake sale. A group project from CJ 307 also participated in the event, featuring footprints people could sign. The majority of the footprints said, “I stand with freedom.”

Junior Rebecca Mortensen is part of the group project, and said her and her group members got involved from her professor, Nicole Schultz.

“We knew we wanted to do human trafficking,” Mortensen said. “And we heard about Stand for Freedom because a former student … let her teacher know that this is something they were looking for help with.”

Mortensen said while standing, she had many opportunities to educate others on the issue, and even talked with Chancellor James C. Schmidt.