Disc Golf 365 seeks to accommodate with new location on Water Street

A new disc golfing shop finds home among college crowd this March


Photo by Anna Mateffy

Disc Golf 365 will take over Raspberry Reign’s at 310 Water St. come March 1.

Story by Sami West, Staff Writer

After a little over a year of calling a garage home, Disc Golf 365 will have a home of its own by March 1 at Raspberry Reign’s former location on Water Street.

Steve Kuzenski, owner Disc Golf 365, is thrilled to return to the Eau Claire business scene with an actual store.

“Our landlord stopped paying rent and they got foreclosed, so we were kicked out,” Kuzenski said. “We have been based out of our garage. Finally getting to reopen is exciting.”

On top of that, Kuzenski said he is ecstatic about the store’s new location.

“You really can’t beat this location, and plus we finally found it,” Kuzenski said.

Water Street is essentially free marketing in itself, Kuzenski said. With all the vehicles and pedestrians daily, the many summer events and the Friday and Saturday night drinkers passing through, getting business will not be an issue.

More importantly, Disc Golf 365 will be closer to “its people.”

“It’s a great opportunity to be right by the students,” Kuzenski said.

Recently, ultimate Frisbee and disc golf have increased in popularity at UW-Eau Claire. Students need not look further than campus to play at the disc golf course open every day, year round.

Al Wiberg, Environmental Adventure Center manager, says he often sees students on the course year round, as well as outside playing games during the spring and summer.

“I think students do play because it’s right here on campus,” Wiberg said. “It’s quicker than driving anywhere else.”

Not only are disc golf and ultimate Frisbee popular student pastimes, but they are also competitive team sports. There are several teams on campus, including a women’s and a men’s team. Both compete tournaments each year, and practice two to three times a week.

“Disc golf in general has become a sort of rite of passage for college students,” Kuzenski said. “It’s not uncommon to see students passing around the ultimate Frisbee on campus.”

There are also many intramural options for Blugolds to form teams of their own and compete against one another during the fall and spring. Opportunities are boundless for Eau Claire students when it comes to their disc sport of choice.

Joe Holzhausen, junior computer science major, was pleasantly surprised to hear of the shop’s new location, and foresees himself visiting this year as the weather warms up.

“I’m not affiliated with any teams, but during the summer I throw some discs sometimes,” Holzhausen said. “I will definitely have to go there.”

More than simply a sport or recreational activity, ultimate Frisbee could even fulfill student physical education requirements at Eau Claire. Holzhausen plans to take advantage of that opportunity eventually.

“I’ve been trying to take the class for years. Hopefully that will be my physical education class by the time I leave,” he said.

As the weather begins warming up on campus, students will be heading back to the fields to play disc golf and ultimate Frisbee, and heading down to Water Street for their materials of choice at Disc Golf 365’s new location.