(Ugly) sweater weather

University encourages ugly holiday sweaters for final classes

Story by Anna Mateffy, Photo Editor

The last day of fall semester classes is often a combination of coats thrown over slumped shoulders and feet dragging over the last hurdles before finals.

This year, the university is trying to cheer students up by implementing a campus-wide ugly holiday sweater day.

Physics & astronomy professor Matt Evans said he organized the day back in June to make sure it was on the calendar. He said he knows people are at the point in the semester when everyone is worn down and tired, and hopes the day will work to bring people into the holiday spirit.

Evans said he planned the event with the first-year students in mind.

“I think that we oftentimes seemingly abandon the semester without celebrating the accomplishment of students making it through,” Evans said.

He hopes the freshman will feel more like celebrating if everyone dresses up.

“The only outcome I was looking for was people smiling,” Evans said.

Senior Cassie Spartz said she loves the holiday season and wearing holiday sweaters. She said she wears them at least four days a week to celebrate the season.

“I think it’s cool the university wants us to celebrate the holidays this way,” she said.

Spartz plans to join in on the holiday fun on Friday with a holiday sweater complete with jingle bells.

Evans said he is prepared for the event with three holiday sweaters, one for each class he teaches that day.

On Friday students and faculty are encouraged to don their ugly sweaters for the last set of classes before winter break.