Rocking the Plus

Halloween brings different local talents into one show


Photo by Tyler Henderson

Henry Bergmann playing trombone for Doks Robotiks at the Pizza Plus concert Friday evening. – Photo by Tyler Henderson

Story by Sam Martinez, Staff Writer

The bands who performed at Pizza Plus on Halloween were also responsible for running, promoting and booking the event.

Local bands Doks Robotiks, Love Taxi and hip-hop artist Sayth all performed sets on Friday, with improv group Glassworks also putting on a performance. Local comedian Eric Christenson hosted the event and opened the evening of entertainment with a 20 minute stand-up set.

“As a promoter for the show, it felt great to see these four acts draw a sizeable and lively crowd,” Eric Wells who performs under the name Sayth, said.

Wells and Rick Haneman, the percussionist for Doks Robotiks, promoted the event on Facebook and handed out around 700 flyers to ensure the success of the evening. Wells estimated there were anywhere from 250 to 300 people there throughout the night.

Wells said one of the more interesting scenes of the evening was seeing 50 to 100 people sitting cross-legged near the stage to watch Glassworks’s performance.

Love Taxi and Doks Robotiks are two bands made up of UW-Eau Claire students. Scott Mattison, a music student, said it was nice to see talent from the university playing so well together off campus.

“It’s really cool to see a mixture of music and non-music majors,” Mattison said. “They must do a lot of listening; they meshed very well.”

In addition to a lunch buffet, Pizza Plus often hosts live entertainment and open mic nights. Wells said that not only does Pizza Plus give entertainers a chance, but it is great that they don’t ban people under the legal drinking age from enjoying a show.

“In a city dominated by spaces that are either 21 plus or closed before 9 P.M., it’s important to us to provide a space for the all-ages crowd to see quality live music in a safe environment,” Wells said, “especially on Halloween.”

Tyler Henderson, Multimedia Editor of The Spectator, is a member of Love Taxi.