Student organizations back for the bash

Blu’s Organization Bash took over campus mall Wednesday


Photo by Anna Mateffy

Story by Rachel Streich, Chief Copy Editor

As the campus mall flooded with eager students and tables decked with neon-colored posters Wednesday, a biannual tradition continued with some new style.

Blu’s Organizations Bash gathered masses of students to learn about UW-Eau Claire’s student organizations as usual, but this fall it embraced a few changes.

The “B” in BOB once stood for “Blugold.” Now it stands for the mascot, Blu, to keep in step with the university’s branding and school spirit, said Mary Taggatz, student organizations program associate.

Along with the new name, around five official new student organizations set up at BOB for the first time. They were part of the 150 organizations at the event giving students a place to meet people and get involved.

For freshmen like Rachael Berard, the event is an opportunity to meet people and network, as well as receive free stuff like plants and T-shirts. She said she thinks BOB is a great way to get connected with people who share similar interests.

Mike Rea, another freshman, said he appreciated seeing the wealth of student organizations at once.

“It feels like there’s not a lot of great other ways to learn about all of these organizations, so this is awesome,” he said.

Here is a brief look at some of the new and old organizations a student could find while darting between the crowds:


Members of ADAPT work to address issues on campus through a unique medium.

The group writes and performs skits at meetings to bring up a wide variety of issues.

Olympia Smith, senior, said the topics have ranged from unacceptance of diversity in the dorms to problems with D2L and professors.

ADAPT stands for Acceptance, Diversity, Awareness, Positive and safe environments and Tolerance.


Walking by Towers Field on weekends, you might spot some people playing a quirky game involving giant bouncy balls and bats. Johnball is a game somewhat similar to dodgeball with brightly decorated bats, where a person tries not to get hit with the ball to stay in the game.

Vinnie Berken, a junior and secretary of the new student organization, said the game is “simultaneously exciting and also mellow.”


Foodlums focuses on promoting local food and sustainable eating. Members plan events and outreaches in the community, such as cooking demonstrations and potentially helping with the food pantry on campus.

Kathleen Widmer, junior, said the group also places importance on helping  people know where their food comes from and how to eat healthy.

Blugold Ringers

Among Eau Claire’s many music and performing groups, the Blugold Ringers chime in as the university’s student handbell choir. The ensemble has played traditional music, as well as some Lady Gaga mixed in.

Kristina Mienke, a sophomore music education major, said she has enjoyed playing for the concert choir and for nursing homes in the past.

She said handbells are also easy and fun to learn.