The Katz meow: The Pizza Underground – S/T


While I’ve been mulling over contenders for album of the year for some time now, the victor is now immensely clear.


One month ago on Nov. 11, a little bit of magic emanated from the Macaulay Culkin residence.


The film star of such classics as “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2” along with the remainder of his quintet have released a self-titled cover album “The Pizza Underground,” featuring cheesy renditions of hit Velvet Underground tracks.


I lived it, I experienced it; I loved it. And now, I implore you to take the journey yourself.


In lieu of Lou Reed’s recent death, what may have been an artistic tribute to the Velvet Underground hall-of-fame lead guitarist was both timely and undeniably tasteful.


It is a tasty album indeed. The warm, gooey production quality that kazoo aficionado and vocalist Culkin uses on the album is years ahead of its time.


An array of intelligent, culturally explorative sounds, such as the ringing of artfully placed glockenspiel tones, are guaranteed on this release.


If you’re ready and willing to walk away from everything you currently know and love about music for the new faces of rock ‘n’ roll, then “The Pizza Underground” is absolutely for you.


As the holidays dawn on us full swing, take time to sit down and remember what’s really important in life: pizza.


The Pizza Underground’s album can be found on their bandcamp for free, and makes a terrific gift for the whole family, because it is free.