Singer Justin Hertz debuts first album


As a child growing up in the Hertz household, there was no way for Justin Hertz to get around going to piano lessons despite hating them at the time.

“Music has been a huge part of my life growing up,” he said.

A graduate of Memorial High School and University of Wisconsin – Madison, alumnus Hertz, 25, went on to discover a love for music and record an eight-track debut album. ‘Someday You’ll Feel the Same,’ was released and he played it Saturday at The Cabin.

“The album is kind of about the weathering of life,” he said. “Life kind of knocking you down but there’s always that hint of hope and optimism and kind of your will and determination to go on and enjoy the moment that you can here.”

Hertz resides in Chaska, Minn. and has a position in the high school athletic department, but returns to his hometown of Eau Claire to play music with his friends often.

Drawing from his life experiences, he said music is the easiest way for him to express himself.

“Some people have poetry, some people write books, some people are able to communicate more just by talking,” he said. “But for me I think it’s through my music.”

With tracks titles such as “Heaven Waits,” “Angel” and “I will be Your Love,” Hertz describes the genre of his music as “girly pop”.

“It’s partly love,” he said about the inspiration for his music. “The joys and heartbreaks in going through that experience.”

Another joy in his life is playing sports which he said helps him be a better musician.

“Basketball and sports in high school really developed my character and my values in life,” Hertz said. “From working hard to being on a team, playing with other people and building those relationships because they’re important.”

A group of long-time musician friends, including his brother Brendon Hertz, along with Jon Pickett, Shawn Smets and Joel Jensen, played with him at The Cabin.

Pickett said he has known Justin Hertz since probably elementary school and he knows this is Justin Hertz’s time to shine.

“This is kind of his big moment, his big dream to put out this album,” Pickett said.

Program director of The Eau Claire Music School, Shawn Smets once babysat Justin Hertz and said he was excited to help out with the project.

“Since he’s graduated from college and shown all of this musical prowess we’ve stayed connected,” Smets said. “He reached out to me in terms of some recording help and a variety of

English teacher at Memorial High and UW-Eau Claire alumnus Brendon Hertz, his older sibling by three years, said the event drew his family

“Both my grandmas are here, one is 93-years old and the other one is in her 80’s, so it’s kind of fun,” he said. “It makes it extra special.”

By the time Justin Hertz took the stage a large crowd filled the space, making standing room all that
was left.

“It’s just a great way to relax and kind of be in the moment and live through the music,” Justin Hertz said.