Blugolds share their hopes for the Super Bowl outcome

    Now that the Green Bay Packers are out of the running for the NFC slot in the game, Eau Claire football fans are now shifting their support towards the Falcons

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    Photo by Stephanie Smith

    Collis Mccloud (left) and Gary Butcher (right) share a friendly dispute over which team will win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

    With UW-Eau Claire being a Wisconsin school, many students on campus were saddened to watch their beloved Packers fall short of going to Super Bowl LI.

    However, whether your home team is playing or not, the Super Bowl is the most-viewed sporting event around the globe.

    The Spectator wanted to see if fellow Blugolds are going to watch the big game on Sunday, who they want to win and the reason behind their potential Super Bowl traditions.

    Here’s what you’ve told us:

    “I’ll watch the game and I would want the Falcons to win because I hate the Patriots. I’m planning to watch it with friends.” – Danny Weber, sophomore, geology.

    “I don’t really care to watch because they are not the Packers.”– Stephen Heili, senior, criminal justice.

    “I’ll go with the Falcons because they beat the Packers and I hate the Patriots. If I were home I would watch the game with my family but since I’m here (Eau Claire) I’m probably just going to watch it with my friends.” – Brett Lozon, freshman, kinesiology.

    “I don’t care because the Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl. I would for sure watch it though if they were playing.” – Samantha Zitske, sophomore, kinesiology.

    “I’m most likely going to watch the game and I would choose probably the Patriots because, I don’t know, I’ve always liked the Patriots. I will most likely chill and hang out and have chips while watching it.” – Ameer Collins, freshman, criminal justice.

    “The Patriots because that’s my team and I go to New England all the time. I’ll probably just watch the game with my roommates. It’s (the Super Bowl) usually around my birthday so I’m usually really drunk.” – Andrew Collins, sophomore, computer science.

    “I’m not watching it because I only like football for the Packers.” – Maya Patrykus sophomore, business administration.

    “I’m from Minnesota, don’t really care about it and I really don’t even know the teams who are playing.” – Hailey Huseth, freshman, undeclared.

    “Patriots! Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T., you know, the greatest of all time for those who don’t know. This is his era right now. I’m watching it with the guys; you know, the homies, the days ones. Just looking for a good time.” – Gary Butcher, junior, operations and supply chain management.

    “The Falcons because I’m rooting for the underdogs even though they got the best offense in the league. However I think Tom Brady … Well, I hate Tom Brady, I’m just going to leave it at that. I like the NFC better than the AFC.” – Collis Mccloud, senior, management.

    “Not Tom Brady. I want the Falcons to win and why: Because not Tom Brady.” – Teddy Ryan, sophomore, business.

    Time will tell if the Falcons capture their first Super Bowl championship, or if the Patriots obtain their fifth at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.