What the Yak?

Looking for love in the anonymous world of Yik Yak

Story by Kate Niestrom, Staff Writer

This week on the Yak, it seemed that the good students of UW-Eau Claire were searching for love. Many of the top Yaks involved people talking about having crushes on their classmates or listing what they were looking for in a potential significant other.

The top Yak on Monday night gave wisdom to all of these young romantics that I think is a good reminder for all of us to follow: “If you think a girl is pretty, just tell her ‘Hey, you’re really pretty’ then you’ve made her day. It’s not that hard.”

Clearly the majority of people on Yik Yak agreed with this anonymous yakker, with 94 people up-voting it.

I thought about this and I agree as well. Why do we spend so much time afraid of being rejected? One other Yakker actually admitted to continuing to attend a class that he had dropped weeks earlier simply because he had a crush on the girl sitting next to him. While I think it’s a sweet gesture, it’s a little sad he’s sitting through this unnecessary class just because he can’t say “hi” to this girl.

According to a study conducted by businessinsider.com in 2013, 28 percent of all married couples are with someone that they attended college with, meaning the person you’re scared to talk to in class could potentially be your future husband or wife.

And while sitting next to this person in the hope that one day you’ll get the courage to talk to them is as good of a tactic as any, I think it’s time to put our money where our mouth is and act on what we up-vote.

So to the Yakker out there sitting in some biology class just to stare at his classmate, just tell her that you like her. Being a girl, I know it can probably go one of two ways. Either she will say thank you, give you a weird look and walk away, or she’ll say thank you, blush and keep talking to you.

Regardless, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never have to wonder what could have been, and, more importantly, you can finally stop attending your dropped class.

I know when most people look at Yik Yak, they see the worst aspects of college, and most of the time I would have to agree. But every once in a while, it offers a little bit of hope that we’re all just trying to help each other out.

When this happens, I think we need to try to look past the ridiculousness of the app and take solace in the fact it tells us our strange behaviors and worries are not so strange at all.

So follow one wise Yakker’s advice and talk to the person you’re interested in. Who knows? You could become part of the 28 percent of people who finds lasting love in college. Or you could finally get to stop going to a dropped class. Either way, I’d say it’s a win.