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Phrases like, “It’s not every day you’re in Europe!” and “Take advantage of this while you can!” make me break out in hives.

Across the Pond

Story by Grace Schutte, OP/ED Editor
April 4, 2022
The world is witnessing the start of World War III first-hand,

What is Russia’s president doing?

Story by McKenna Dirks, Editor-In-Chief
February 28, 2022
The Tator

The Tator

Story by Caleb Doyle, Freelance Writer
March 4, 2020
A closer look

A closer look

Story by Ta'Leah Van Sistine
March 2, 2020
Vice President Mike Pence’s new press secretary, Katie Waldman has admitted to stealing newspapers in her college days.

Katie Waldmen stole newspapers in college

Story by Robin Armagost , Copy Editor
October 16, 2019
Almost half of America made it to the polls in 2018 and that’s a success. What’s making that number rise?

The midterms prove that voting matters

Story by Ryan Huling, Staff Writer
November 9, 2018
The cost for one day at Grand Canyon National Park is $30. President Trump is in the act of raising the price.

National Parks should not cost money

Story by Henry Erickson, Staff Writer
March 27, 2018
UW-Eau Claire students flocked to the polls on Tuesday to vote in one of the most divided and controversial elections of our time.

President Trump

Story by Stephanie Kuski, Currents Editor
November 9, 2016

The Art of Mud-slinging

Story by Gabriel Lagarde, News Editor
September 7, 2016
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