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 Ned Fulmer, the wife guy, loves bad ideas.

Ned Fulmer almost Ruined the Try Guys

Story by Sabrina Ftouhi, Freelance Writer
October 4, 2022
Dobrik is a 24-year-old influencer who gained fame from his comedic YouTube videos. The contents of his vlogs can range from crazy stunts and celebrity cameos to montages of drinking and partying.

The David Dobrik scandal

Story by Allison Hinrichs, Staff Writer
March 31, 2021
The vaccination segregation

The vaccination segregation

Story by Allison Hinrichs, Staff Writer
March 10, 2021
The news column “COVID on campus” posts relevant COVID-19 news every week for UWEC students.

COVID on campus

Story by Lauren Spierings
December 8, 2020
Sports Specs with Sam

Sports Specs with Sam

Story by Sam Janssen, Freelance Writer
December 11, 2019

Separating the art from the artist

Story by Ryan Huling, Staff Writer
October 11, 2018
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