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Getting out of bed, an extreme sport

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

Photo by Marisa Valdez

Keeping active is important, especially as a stressed college student. Exercise helps regulate negative emotions, decrease anxiety and depression, improve self esteem, etc.

That being said, sometimes going for a run or going to the gym just isn’t an option. Life gets busy and stressful, and honestly, running sucks. I don’t get how people do it for fun.

Now, if you know me, you know I love a good yoga class. I try to go to meditative yoga on Mondays and regular yoga on Wednesdays. When I can, I pop in for barre and Zumba as well.

Unfortunately, though, my usual spot in the front row of these classes has been vacant over the past few weeks. I’ve had paper after paper after discussion post after exam, and my motivation to even pull myself out of bed in the morning is waning.

I haven’t been able to attend my favorite classes in a while, but one could argue that I still get plenty of exercise. One could even argue that the activities I partake in qualify as extreme sports.

In this scenario, “one” is me, if that wasn’t clear.

Every morning, I wake up bright and early at, like, maybe 9:30. Probably not 9:30. Well, my alarm will go off at 9:30, but I’ll snooze it until at least 10. 

Leaning over to silence my alarm time after time, though? An invigorating way to start my day.

When I choose to stop silencing my alarm and get to the point that I can actually turn it off without immediately falling back asleep, I do a little stretching. Like actual stretching.

I pick a couple yoga poses that don’t require standing up, and wake up my body a little. My favorite by far is child’s pose

It gives a lovely little stretch before I drag myself out of my cozy, warm, wonderful, amazing bed that I wish I was still in right now, but unfortunately, I am sitting in Centennial writing this article instead.

The action of dragging myself out of bed is probably the most impressive part of my day. Standing up, especially without getting dizzy and immediately having to sit back down, takes strength a bodybuilder couldn’t fathom.

My walk to the fridge for caffeine — and sometimes chia seed pudding, when I have time to make it, it’s super good — is comparable to running a marathon.

My morning gets a little easier post caffeine. Celsius is basically my preworkout for the day.

I brush my teeth and wash my face — I think the athleticism in this is pretty obvious — then head back to my room.

You remember the thing I said about my morning routine being an extreme sport? This is where that part comes into play.

I consider myself relatively low maintenance when it comes to getting ready. I can get up and dressed and out the door in 10 minutes if I really need to.

This is not preferable, though, as the most strenuous part of my workout takes place in my closet. I am incredibly particular about what I wear. I need my outfit to perfectly match my mood, while also taking into account the weather and what I’ll be doing that day.

The action of removing clothes from hangers and putting them back on over and over is intense, both mentally and physically. It’s like chess mixed with skydiving.

Then when it’s five minutes past when I was supposed to leave and I have to throw something together, getting myself out the door and to class on time is like crossing the finish line.

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