Fight Songs: The Blugold Fight Song

Story by Eric Christenson

Do you like getting fired-up? Well, sir or ma’am, you’re in luck! Each week, a columnist will review a fight song from the great state of Wisconsin. Use your aggression appropriately now, ya hear?

Eau Claire college dear, Hail to thee our Alma Mater.
Strong through every year,
Carry high the Blue and Gold!
U – Rah – Rah
Aim for excellence.
Give the best that you have in you.
Go Blugolds, fight to win, for fame and victory!
B – L – U – G – O – L – D – S, BLU…….GOLDS!

How pumped are you?
I can’t believe how pumped I am after hearing this fight song, which is interesting because it’s not necessarily bombast with words of strength and power, but it’s super catchy, the spelling is accurate and it makes me feel proud.

I’m not necessarily inspired to do well in sports (because that would go nowhere), but it made me glad to be a Blugold and be excellent all the time (which is almost too easy).
While I can’t necessarily hear it being blasted by a marching band at halftime, it makes sense as a fight song that inspires excellence ALL THE TIME rather than just when trying to win a sports game.

School references tasteful/abundant?
I think it’s different from a lot of fight songs in that it doesn’t BOMBARD YOUR EARS with the mascot all day.

I guess it helps that we don’t really have a locked-in-stone mascot — but still! There aren’t too many chants or cheesy references to the hill or the Chippewa, so all is well there! It’s wonderfully ambiguous.

I mean, EVERYONE aims for excellence, EVERYONE gives the best that we have in us and EVERYONE
B – L – U – G – O – L – D – S. There’s no room to dispute the meaning, only what exactly a Blugold is.

Music over the top? Under the top? Topped?
NO SIR. It’s not too tuba-heavy (as some get) and it almost plays like a nice polka, but it’s not too insanely, disgustingly polka, you know?

It maintains everything that’s fun about polka and omits everything that is stomach-churning about polka — a classy, tasteful interpretation. It’s pretty adaptable too, I think. It could be played by everyone from the middle-aged neighborhood dad band or the University Symphony Orchestra and it would still maintain its meaning (maybe). The point is: it’s great!

Does it inspire school spirit?
Uh, yes. I guess it helps that I’m a Blugold, right Blugolds? Right? But really! I’m not a sports guy by any means, but the fight song applies to other walks of a Blugold’s life, so that helps!

It’s fun and classy, like a hot air balloon ride! I love that it’s short. It’s doesn’t get overbearing with ballads of Eau Claire’s logging industry past or the first pioneers to cross the Chip Val. It just gets right to the point: we’re the best, and here’s why.