Inside the Locker Room: Gina Dahl

Gina Dahl is a freshman on the women’s tennis team. She had a 13-4 record at No. 2 singles in the fall season.

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Fort Atkinson

Favorite tennis player: Andre Agassi or my dad.

Favorite sports movie:
“Remember the Titans”

Music you listen to before a match: Anything upbeat . the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Most memorable moment as a UWEC athlete: Playing Jessica Ferrari from (UW)- Whitewater at conference. I lost to her twice during the season and then beat her in a three-setter. Whitewater and Eau Claire were neck and neck (at the conference meet), so it was an important match.

Biggest rival and why: UW-La Crosse. They were the only dual match that we lost in the fall.

Favorite WIAC school to travel to: Whitewater, because it’s 10 minutes from my house. My friends and family are able to come and watch me play. The rivalry thing makes it exciting too.

If you could play another sport at Eau Claire, what would it be: I did four years of track in high school. I’ve always liked volleyball, but I guess it would be track since I did it in high school.

The role tennis played in coming to Eau Claire: Mostly it was nursing, and tennis was just an excellent thing that just happened to fall into place for me.

Favorite place around town: My dorm, Bridgman. I don’t leave campus that much because I don’t have a car. I went to the Olive Garden last week for a friend’s birthday.