‘Heat’ up the night

With musical influences from “The Beach Boys” to “P-Funk” and Stevie Wonder to “Outkast,” performer “Heatbox” is a highly anticipated show, said The Stones Throw’s owner Andrew Pernsteiner. The artist performs at 10 p.m. on Saturday at The Stones Throw, 304 Eau Claire St. and the cover is $5.

Pernsteiner explained that “Heatbox” is actually only one person who uses looping pedals to harmonize with himself and incorporate his beat boxing into the music.

“You would classify him as a beat boxer but that’s not really doing him justice,” Pernsteiner said.

Pernsteiner said they came upon “Heatbox” at the Snowball Music Festival in Lutsen, Minn. and couldn’t seem to get enough. He last played in October opening for “Wookie Foot.”

“We take him whenever we can get him for availability,” Pernsteiner said.

“Heatbox” is from Minneapolis and Pernsteiner said he is working to break out into the club scene.

As for what the audience should expect to hear, Pernsteiner said “Heatbox” has both his own music and does many interesting covers.

Senior Teddi Mc Grath has seen “Heatbox” play at The Stones Throw several times.

“I heard him at The Stones Throw and I just had to seem him again,” she said.

Mc Grath explained that hearing his music alone and seeing him perform live are two very different things.

“It’s completely original,” she said “I’ve never seen anything like it. His voice is inhuman and it’s very simplistic but crazy good.”

UW-Eau Claire alumna Lindsey Nelson considers herself a recent watcher of “Heatbox.” She began listening to him this summer for several events at Harmony Park Music Garden in Minnesota, including Harvest Fest. She recently attended The Stones Throw show with Wookie Foot.

Nelson was particularly impressed by the fact that “Heatbox” is a solo act.

“It’s a unique performance,” Nelson said. “It’s just him; he’s a one man show.”

Nelson said she has already recommended the artist to most of her friends.

“I really think anyone would like it,” she said. “His performance could impress anybody.”

Nelson considers herself a fan of many different music scenes from hip-hop to bluegrass. She said she believes his music encompasses a wide variety of these scenes.

Nick Mason, a Stones Throw employee, said he followed the artist all summer to various performances and festivals.

“There’s just so much energy and so much hype,” Mason said. “I also like how he hits hip-hop and the hippie scene.”

Mason also said he’s gotten to know “Heatbox” over the summer and has come to believe he is a down to earth and respectful artist to follow.

“He’s like a magnet,” Mason said. “He’s bound to attract people.”

Local jam band “Downer’s Grove” and hip-hop group “Frozen Tundra” will play with “Heatbox.” Pernsteiner said though it is perhaps an odd compilation of musical genres, “Heatbox” has that diverse of a following.

“I’ve never seen anyone who’s gone to a “Heatbox” show,” Pernsteiner said, “and not been impressed.”