Era’s in time

Elizabeth Weiss

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Photo by Marisa Valdez

As one so often does, I was aimlessly scrolling on social media when I happened to stumble across a bejeweled banner of Taylor Swift’s acclaimed “Era’s Tour.” 

This headlining tour has been a live depiction of past “eras” throughout Swift’s career, each an emblem and trademark to the times they represent. 

Every album depicts past chapters and moments from her life in an illustrated performance of star-studded neon lights.

But as I was reading along the lines how each “era” was brought to life, I realized they were essentially large-scale replications of “nostalgialistic-worthy” moments. 

And even though Ms. Swift is among the few to showcase such moments, I think each of us could muster countless eras within our lives in our own enchanting way. 

I think life can be a lot like the chapters in a book. Past versions of ourselves that transform and renew, and yet like words on pages, we hold in our memories the moments that led up to the very present. 

How fitting that as the end of the year draws near, there is once again an opportunity to reminisce about eras of our own. 

It’s a common sight here on campus to see collections of individuals walking in mass numbers from building to building. With countless personalities making their daily commute, it’s easy to get caught up and not think twice about the person to your left or right.

And yet no matter the whereabouts, each one of us here is in similar eras ourselves.

Nostalgia is a funny thing in that it can make an appearance in the most unlikely of ways. I was sitting on the outdoor steps of the Newman Center here on campus looking through my to-do list before the end of the semester.

And as the passing traffic proceeded as always, I noticed the buzz of conversations between the duos of friends commuting together. With the combination of the warmth of the sun and the blue in the sky, it reminded me of the friendships I have had throughout the years. 

Friendships are the bonds that linger from one season in our lives to the next. Each of us has that one friend that has witnessed countless eras, a combination of the good, bad and maybe even the ugly. Breakups or bad dates, they’re always there to hear about it. 

Advice is the single piece of commentary to pose as a universal language between close friends.  The tendencies of accepting it are always up for interpretation, and yet regardless, conversations with true friends are treasures. 

I remember one of the first days of school during my junior year of high school when I met my best friend. It was one of those encounters where you immediately click and the conversation never falters. 

Now that we’re both in college,  I’m sure many can relate to the experience of witnessing the growth and personal change both encounter. 

One of the beautiful things about reminiscence is how the instances we momentarily forget rise to the surface when familiarity strikes in various forms.

So as the week of finals approaches, I think there is a sense of contentment knowing that whatever happens in the grade book, those who matter will embrace and walk alongside whichever era you find yourself in.  

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