Oatmilk sequel: MALK sent me free oat milk

An honest review of an up-and-coming brand of oat milk

Maggie OBrien

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Across the Pond
February 28, 2024

Me holding my cherished MALKs.

On February 28, I received an Instagram DM from someone who works for MALK Organics. I was delighted to see that she had read my article, “Ranking the five best oat milks.”

We would love to send you a couple bottles of our oat milk to try,” the message said. “We think you made a mistake because Malk wasn’t listed as No. 1. Let me know if you would be interested in a sample!”

After consulting with my editors, I gleefully accepted the generous offer. I coordinated with the MALK worker to determine where she would be sending the oat milk. 

Sadly, we discovered that both my school and home address were out of the boundaries for MALK to ship bottles of milk to me. But the willfully-determined MALK worker did not let me down.

She asked if I would be interested in coupons that would allow me to purchase bottles of MALK at the store for free. I accepted this offer, glad that the deal wasn’t off completely. 

The quest for MALK began as I tore into the envelope containing a swanky MALK card and four coupons. Two of the coupons were for free oat milk and two were for a discount.

I began by searching for where I could find MALK on its website. My small hometown was of no use in this oat milk adventure, with no MALK to be found for miles. 

Luckily, I happen to pass through the city of Madison on my way to college. I determined there were multiple stores in Madison that sold MALK and decided to embark on a journey to Whole Foods Market with my mom. 

I strolled through the beautifully pristine aisles with haste, pinpointing the glorious milk alternatives section mere moments later. On that wonderful day, I valiantly returned to Eau Claire with two (free) bottles of MALK in hand. 

For a well-rounded review, I decided to try MALK multiple ways. However, one thing that made the review a bit difficult is the fact that I don’t tend to drink a glass of straight oat milk or any milk alternatives for that matter.

Nonetheless, I took a small, tentative sip from the bottle and paused. A strong oaty flavor delighted my tastebuds, and the texture of the MALK was nothing but smooth and frothy. 

I tried the MALK again later with some cinnamon toast crunch and was further pleased with the lovely consistency and neutral taste of the oat milk. 

I would definitely be willing to try MALK again and was so glad to have the experience of trying it for free. Although I enjoyed the taste of MALK, its limited in-store locations and the steep price of $5.99 a bottle may limit me from purchasing it again. 

MALK’s slogan is “Simply made. Nothing to Hide.” According to MALK’s website, MALK is made without gums, filler oils, or anything artificial and is certified organic and glyphosate-free.

I do enjoy the fact that MALK has nothing to hide and seeks to give its consumer the best of the best, but as a college student on a tight budget, I was oh so glad to receive two bottles of MALK for free. 

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