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The seemingly endless to-do list.

It’s getting to that point in the year when people are ready for summer. There are four weeks left of classes, then finals and the year is over.

The weather is so nice, and it can suck to be stuck inside.

This is the time when most people are tired of going to classes and studying.

Many people are experiencing burnout. Burnout is that feeling of being exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally, which is typically due to stress.

Most of this stress comes from school and trying to keep the school/life balance.

A lot of times people try sitting in their rooms staring at their homework. There isn’t the motivation to do the homework, but you want it done so you can relax and be outside.

Allow yourself time to de-stress and relax by taking breaks. Pushing your brain too hard is not good for you.

Changing your environment can also change your focus. Getting out of your room can sometimes help the most. Your room is where you sleep, study, relax, do homework, hang out and sometimes eat. Making designated spaces for different activities can help with motivation and focus.

My favorite thing to do when the weather is nice is go outside to do homework. Hammocking or sitting on a beach towel soaking up the sun can completely change mood and motivation.

Being outside with the fresh air and sun can help reduce stress and relax.

Spending time with friends is also important.

Sometimes making someone your accountability buddy can help with motivation. You get work done and have some socialization. 

You pick a set amount of time to do work, and make sure that you are both on task for that amount of time. It makes you stay more focused as your friend will call you out if you get distracted.

Some other ways to deal with burnout are exercise or doing a relaxing activity. These can be inside or outside, and as simple as going on a walk or doing some stretching and yoga.

Sleeping can also help a lot. It helps reset your body and reduce stress.

In order to have a consistent sleep schedule and get enough hours of shut-eye, it is important to plan out your day and focus on the things that need to get done.

When scheduling, set amounts of time to do work, and set times for breaks.

Starting projects early allows you a few days to work on projects, as well as time on different days in case you don’t finish something.

The biggest thing is to take time for yourself and what you need. That can be sleep, exercise or sitting and doing nothing. Whatever works for you, take the time to reset and refocus.

Burnout can be hard, especially at this point in the year. It can be hard to rely on motivation, so it is important to plan ahead and stay disciplined.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You got this.

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