A timeless era

The never-ending appeal of the 90s

Elizabeth Weiss

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Photo by Elizabeth Weiss

The 90s were a time of transformation that altered the tide of fashion and established new ambitions.

The essence of any decade throughout time is often synonymous with the likes of trends and fashion, yet none have been as widely observed as the influence of the 90s. 

The 90s were a time of transformation that altered the tide of fashion and established new ambitions within the ever-reaching grasp of the fashion industry. 

It was with the dawn of chic satin dresses and clunky platform shoes that a new class of casual paraded the runway. A decade of time described by Calvin Klein as being about “the personal, about staying in and being alone, and not flaunting what’s on your back.”

Naturally, the inspiration of an edgy, delicate street style prompted an enchantment of staple 90s attire.  One of my favorites out of this era has to be the pairing of the curved-hem white tee with the contrast of a high-waisted blue jean pant. 

Paired with a simple leather, blazer cut jacket provides not only an extra layer of warmth, but an iconic element that so many supermodels of the time took advantage of and radiated. Stylish yet convenient, this outfit stood as a leading champion to many. 

As a leading ensemble in 90s fashion, the supermodel Cindy Crawford stated it was in between shows that she would rustle through her own simplistic wardrobe and piece together clothing that consisted of such items.  

Fashion throughout the 90s has often been described as having a “never-ending appeal,” and this is a statement I thoroughly agree with. An idol of mine, whose fashion trends I admire and believe will never go out of style, is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Her wardrobe was an elegant mix, appearing effortlessly put together while creating an aesthetic of timeless beauty, often pairing tailored white t-shirts or black tank tops with jeans and sandals with a bold red lip to complete the look. An addition that, in my opinion, can pull an entire arrangement together. 

Kennedy was also known for wearing pencil skirts and white blouses, something I think embraces her sartorial elegance. A wristwatch and oval-shaped sunglasses were among the accessories bystanders would often find to be a part of her outfit. Items of convenience that once again offer a simplistic, yet fashionable taste. 

Saving best for last, an element I love that manifests the 90s would have to be the high-low look of a blazer and jeans. Paired with an arrangement of flats, this look only confirms the variance and abundance of styles that can be portrayed even out of a minimalist wardrobe.  

A trench coat on top of any and all of the aforementioned trends has to be one of my favorite ways to include a jacket. They go with your entire wardrobe, adding an extra dash of confidence to your look. Whether bold colors or minimalistic, there is an effortless feel to these combinations of styles that radiate the 90s vibe. 

Fashion is one of the beautiful things in life that allow for stark individuality, and acts as the trademark of the times in which they exist. Some of my favorites of the 90s have attributes that will never go out of style, and continue to exhibit their timeless, underrated beauty. 

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